Now Buy And Sell Products Using Facebook Groups

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Last year Facebook had reportedly introduced a feature for its Facebook group that allowed group users to list their items for sale on buy and sell groups. Today, Facebook has rolled out the feature for everyone. As per the new feature, a ‘sell’ button has been added in addition to the ‘post’ inside the groups.

The ‘sell’ button will allow users to share the item directly with the potential buyers in the group. Clicking the button will open up a space for the description.


Here you can describe your product for sale in brief, product price and what is the process of delivery and pickup.  Sellers can label their products with ‘available’ or ‘sold’ tag and can also see a list of the products they have sold.

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Ever since Facebook has announced the feature, the popularity of the buy and sell groups have been increased manifolds.  Facebook says that the feature will be rolling out in coming months, however, Group administrators can request and apply for early access.

– Buy And Sell Products Using Facebook Groups

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