Best 10 Free URL Shortener Picks in 2021

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2021)

Have you ever been annoyed by the length of a URL while trying to submit it on a social network site or elsewhere? A URL shortener might be useful in this situation. There are a variety of URL shortener programmes available on the internet that can accomplish this for you automatically, but determining which one is best may be difficult.

The 10 best URL shorteners for 2021

Here is a list of the top ten URL shorteners available on the internet that you could find useful

1. Bitly

best URL shorteners

Bitly is one of the most widely used URL shortening services on the internet. Links, even if you don’t realise it, can have an impact on the customer experience. It can contribute to a fantastic experience.

It can not only create shorter links, but it can also help to optimise the company’s brand and keep track of link analytics. With the free service, you can shorten your links using the domain name and use your custom domain name via a premium service.

2. URL Shortner (Discontinued) is another URL shorter to get a shortened link quickly. You can go to the app, copy and paste the link that you want to be shortened by having a Google account. offers tracking and analytics services, but be careful not to make information publicly available online.

Once the link is submitted, it will appear at the base of your screen. This is a good means of seeing all the shortened links in a list. This can be useful for tracking your shortcuts. also allows you to learn from the data collected from the analytical feature. You can understand what your public needs for your next post by learning who clicks on your links.

3. TinyURL.Com is an additional great tool to shorten your links. It offers the opportunity to customise the last few characters of the link to keep your branding in keeping with. Short links frequently can be perfect for you, then

It can be useful and make it much easier to develop a link. You just have to click the button when you’re on the page to make a smaller link. You can then copy it and paste it to where it should go. The links from never end, so you don’t have to worry that the links are broken.

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best URL shorteners is a tool shortener best known for its Hootsuite connection. The HootSuite dashboard can be used to keep all of your data in one place. It is possible.It is also a tool that can help you to measure your links’ data and use them for your benefit.

You can only get free of charge by using the free version of HootSuite. A Hootsuite account is required for use. The advantage that a hootsuite account is needed is that the tool is safer than if everybody can use it. You can upgrade to more features while there is a free account.


You can easily get to shorten your links by simply bookmarking the link. If you are looking for just a short link, this is one of the fastest tools. It can also create a QR code to be added to your business cards or ads, so users can access your links as well.

This feature is good because many smartphones can read QR codes. This can help your reader to get there faster. It can also be printed directly from your business card or magazine article. By previewing your page with the preview feature you can automatically check for statistics for your link.

6. –  Best URL Shortener

best URL shorteners is a product of the popular tool for managing social media, Buffer. They can be scheduled to post later after you’ve shortened your links. If you sometimes want your posts to appear on your social media accounts, this can be beneficial.

This is the perfect tool to shorten your social media connections for someone who wants to. You might want to consider receiving a paid account if you are also interested in Pinterest.

7. is a unique service not only because it helps shorten links but also makes money for its users using it. You can earn cash by clicking on your blog or the social media website for your shortened links.

All you have to do is log in and start your account. The best part is that it can be used free of charge. The service provides secure, unpopular advertising. You can also obtain information about how your links work so that you can take better decisions with regard to the links which you post and what your audience seeks.


It is very easy to use’s online URL shortener. You can use it if you register or just go to its website and copy and paste the long link you wish to shorten. You can also access data on how your links operate and who uses them from where, when you sign up for an account.

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You can also have your own personal domain related to your company. Many URLs have their names used, which is how they can advertise. A customizable domain is used to support your brand when you share links by using

9. can be recognised as a popular security company for computers. Were you aware that they also offer a URL shorter tool you can utilise to shorten your links? You can share links that have been shortened in your social media site or blog.

It can also provide information on where a shortened link is from in addition to shortening links. If a user does not know whether or not he should click on a link, this can be peace of mind.

10. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is another URL shortening device that can be an excellent tool for anyone who wants to shorten their social media links and other applications. This tool enables a user to create personalised short links to the company’s brand.

It also enables the editing of links that have already been created which are not something that every tool provides. This makes this device unique and useful when editing links.

The bottom line:

It is critical to pick the correct online tool for you while utilising any online tool. Using a URL shortener service can help you create cleaner, more user-friendly URLs while also tracking and analysing how those URLs perform.

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