Best Unlocked Android Phones for 2017

Many people are using unlocked Android phones rather than purchasing phones with a standard contract. Unlocked phones is an off contract device, as compared buying cellphones with a 2 year contract. Phone makers are directly dealing with the buyers making way for an open market, in which makers sell their products to the buyers directly; this saves most of your money.

Unlocked Android phones are on the rise these days. It is just simple, buy your desired smartphone and a SIM card and your phone starts working quickly. You don’t need to wait for any activation messages. Purchase and use your Android phone all around the globe, along with using it with any other compatible network. We suggest you some cheap unlocked Android phones.

Popular Unlocked Smartphones for 2017

This is a list of the Android devices that are cost efficient and best trending smartphones of 2017. These unlocked Android phones are pocket friendly and works on any compatible network anywhere on the globe. These unlocked handsets have overcome the carrier overloads that allows the user to communicate, text, play and surf on the Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This phone is just like a feather in the hat. It offers a curved display screen instead of the traditional flat screen, high end processor, sufficient storage space, SD card slot, high resolution camera with the benefits being stylish, waterproof and sleeky. Talking about the bad things, the placement of the fingerprint sensor is incorrect. But this would be ignored when you move towards the iris scanner; you will forget about the fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The smartphone fulfills all your needs with various features satisfying the wants of the million consumers inheriting different needs. It has maintained the trust of all its audiences and is a popular brand in the smartphone world. It is designed with a beautiful reflective body and provides rich features for the many. Add $100 to your Samsung Galaxy S8 budget for the elegant Galaxy S8+ featured with a longer battery life and a larger curved screen display.

What makes Samsung Galaxy S8 the best above all?

Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

  • A curved screen for a good video or movie experience, great hardware, handy high megapixels rear and front camera, water resistant, amazing features.
  • The smartphones accounts to a ratio 18.5.9 that comes in at 5.8-inches for the Galaxy S8 and 6.2-inches for Galaxy S8+. This makes it sleek and thin for a cool look.
  • It is equipped with 4GB RAM, external storage of 64GB or 256 GB can be added into the SD card slot and the new USB-C port, all these are water proof.
  • Comprises of the brilliant Super AMOLED display and Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 (internationally).
  • The batteries are similar to the previous battery in terms of sizes. The battery life is not so good as promised. The fingerprint sensor is placed next to the camera that makes it less consistent for face scanning and iris scanning.
  • The software used in the phone in the same as earlier. The features are added without removing any features. It works speedy and allows the user to perform any function required.
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Google Pixel Smartphone

The metallic body smartphone is well-designed with handy features. What makes it special is that Google owns both the hardware as well as the software. This makes it fast, clean and user friendly. It also renders high quality performance and simple to use user interface. It has some excellent features like 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 821, 5.5- inch QHD display and a superb camera resolution.

The camera is one of the best with a 12.3 MP front camera and 8 MP rear cameras.  The Google’s exemplary electronic stabilization gives a smooth video recording as compared to other smartphones. The smartphone comes with a sleek, persistent and gives the best Android experience.


The tall handset is designed with 18:9 displays along with bezels for a better visual experience. The metal and glass design is built amazingly with basic features including an unremovable battery, water proof and better storage to pile up your apps. The dual camera setup works great on the wide angle camera, the rear camera gives the user a good clicking experience, the wide angle shooter is like icing on the cake. Experience the exquisite features that come with a lower price.

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HTC is a top brand in the giant Android industry. This great phone is a brightly shinning 5.5 inch QHD display and the fingerprint sensor is situated just below the screen. The 12MP sensor is the most appreciated features along with the snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, 3000mAh battery and is completely water proof. Don’t try to find a headphone jack at the bottom, it isn’t there!

Buy the phone at an affordable $650, this is worth buying with its intuitive features and world class looks. This is the only phone without a headphone jack, worry not! Use the Bluetooth or the included USB-C adaptor to compensate the same. The U11 is a low light camera performance, edge sense squeeze gesture and is water and dust resistant.


This is a never ending list with many smartphones coming and going each day. We have helped you with some of the many smartphones that are trending in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S8 would be a better idea than all the other smartphones. The excellent design, solid cameras, intuitive software features that makes it stand out. Try the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+.

[Best Unlocked Android Phones for 2017]

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