10 Best Trading Apps for Mobiles [2021]


Nowadays, the stock market has become so accessible due to the free stock trading mobile apps. Best stock trading apps provide the access to buy and sell shares of stocks and ETFs with no commissions.

Stock trading apps will also allow you to research investments, track your portfolio, and ease of entering orders to buy or sell. Finding the best stock trading app is important to buy and sell shares but it is not a difficult task.

The Best Stock Trading Apps of 2021

Here are the 10 best stock trading apps that will be helpful for you in your process.

1. Robinhood

Robinhood is one of the best free stock trading apps that is launched in 2013. In the Robinhood app, you can trade stocks without paying any fees and it also makes your trading very easy.

The seamless sign-up process of the Robinhood app is loved by many investors who are eager to start trading on their own, without any fees or hassle. The main advantages of the Robinhood app are access to popular cryptocurrencies, no account minimum, easy to use interface, and commission-free trade on stocks, options, and ETFs.

Robinhood apps are available on both mobile and desktop that offer free ETF trades as well as options trading.

2. Acorns

Acorns app is best for hands-off beginner investors and it is mainly built for investors who don’t want to get too active in buying and selling shares. This app presents very mobile-friendly options for investing your money into a nest egg that grows gradually.

If you want hassle-free savings then Acorns is the right and best tool for you. It is one of the best tools for college students and those who don’t want to actively look at their portfolios and make trades. Using the Acorns app is a great idea for those who like to save.

The advantages of Acorns are it is easy to use the app with very little investment cost, no account minimum, automatically invests spare change to grow your savings, Robo-advisor model is made for beginners with no investment experience and free management available for college students.

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The only thing that you need to remember is that your accounts are taxable so if you receive dividends from your portfolio, you could have to pay tax on your earning. But this is not the case if you get a tax-exempt investment account.

3. Stash

Stash is one of the best apps for learning how to invest and also it is a great investing app for beginners. This app helps you to understand what you are investing in and how to implement various investing strategies.

The Stash platform offers 60 various ETFs – exchange-traded funds. You need to complete a questionnaire to get an idea of your investment personality type and based on your answers, it will then categorize you as a conservative, aggressive or moderate investor.

Then you will be able to select from a number of investments that correspond to your investment personality type.

You can build a custom portfolio with value-based investment options through the stash. The advantages of the Stash app are it offers fantastic automated guidance, fractional shares, round-up investing, automated investing, no account minimum, and value-based offerings for socially conscious investors.

4. Webull

Webull app is the best alternative to the Robinhood stock trading app. It offers an intuitive platform full of powerful research tools and easy-to-use, commission-free trading. It has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and with good reason.

The main advantage of this app is it is commission-free trades on stocks, options, and ETFs, no account minimum, powerful charting tools, and intuitive design. This app is available for both IOS and Android.

In addition, it offers a great combination of intuitive design, strong research and analysis tools, and a wide range of order types. No matter what type of investor you are, Webull has quite a lot to offer.

5. TD Ameritrade mobile app

TD Ameritrade is a great overall stock trading app that aims to offer users top-notch research tools and easy-to-use online trading. The advantage of the TD Ameritrade mobile app is to provides free research and analytics tools, great customer support, commission-free stock, ETFs, and options trades.

6. E*Trade

E*Trade is the easiest stock Broker app to use for trading and many people love this. E*Trade is the easiest app to view your investments and seamlessly trade stocks on your phone whenever you need. It is easier to use than traditional investment methods.

The pros of E*Trade is commission-free ETF and stock trades, assess your risk with performance tools that let you test your portfolio or just a single asset, and streaming strategy options chains is a great tool to make smart trades.

7. Fidelity

It is best for beginner investors and anyone with a focus on long-term and retirement investments. It is an application for IOS, Android, and Amazon devices but it doesn’t have as many advanced charting features as some competing mobile apps.

But it is fine for beginners who may not want or need advanced features. The key features are no minimum deposit required, supports brokerage, education accounts, retirement, and more.

8. Sofi

Sofi is ideal for investors looking to learn about stock trading and offers commission-free trades and fractional shares in an account with a low minimum balance. If Sofi you can browse collections of stocks and funds that will help you to decide what to buy.

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This app supports self-directed and managed portfolios and cryptocurrency accounts. Low fees, easy trade full or fractional shares, and member events are few things people like in this app.

9. Tastyworks

Tastyworks app is ultra-focused on options trading and no minimum deposit is required as like other apps. Capped fees for options trades, advanced options trading features, follow community members for trade ideas and supports many account types are few things people the most in this app.

10. Ally

Ally is best with banking products and features high-quality checking, savings, and investment account all in one mobile app. It charges no commissions for stock or ETF trades and supports self-directed and managed portfolios.

Though it is not perfect for advanced features, it covers most common needs with excellent pricing. People like the most in this app is it is user-friendly stock trades, simple and easy to use and manage.

Wrapping up:

These are some best stock trading apps that you can believe and use for stock trading. While installing the application remember to check the review and sample videos on how to use the app effectively.

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