10 Best Investment Apps for Android to Use in 2019

Investing money intelligently helps you make more money. When it comes to investment, one has to take a few calculated risks after knowing the market and by being smart in that respect. By this way, you can easily earn a lot of money. Though investing money isn’t an easy task at all, it needs a lot of knowledge and hard work to put in. Read on our list of Best Investment Apps for Android and which one you have to use to manage your finances.

10 Best Investment Apps for Android Users

So, to make the life of the investor that is hidden inside of you we are here with the Best Investment Apps for Android. Well, what best you can get in the year 2017? Apps, PC tools and what not.

For example, there are some simulation games so that you can learn more about, how to invest as compared to where to invest. Let us dig deeper and learn what all these apps have to offer and which one you must choose.

1. Forex Hero

Best Investment Apps for Android

Forex hero is a nifty little app that has simulation tools offering you a simulator game like experience. You are supposed to plan out strategies and collect information about the trading stocks.

This app is focused around the concept of attempting to make money by trading currencies. Additionally, you’ll also learn a lot about things like trends, trading principles and guidelines and there is some trivia offered so that you can get the idea about the basic strategies.

2. FRED Economic Data – Best Finance App with Real Time Data

Best Investment Apps for Android

FRED Economic data gives you information that has been collected from several companies and their trends. There are over 40,000 data sets from more than 37 regional, national and international sources. Additionally, you can favourite the trends based on your requirements. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

3. Feedly – Budding Investment App for Android

Feedly is amongst the app that you people might already be aware of. It features the functionality to add up RSS feeds in a complied manner. It lets you collect news from multiple outlets at once.

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The most challenging part of maintaining the finances and investment is to make sure that you are keeping yourself educated enough about the present scenario and trends in the business world. This is where apps like Feedly comes in handy.

4. Investing.com

Best Investment Apps for Android

Investing.com is another free app with in-app purchases on the Google Play Store that lets you see the charted data about several investments that have been carried out by many companies. The data shown on investment.com is the real-time information from more than 70 global stock markets.

5. JStock Investment App for Android

JStock is another freemium app that lets you get the cloud storage sync feature so that you can save all your research data, but for that, you need to make some in-app purchase. The app sports over 34 different stock markets, and features to analyse the stocks. The data charted history is dated back ten years so that you can be aware of the trends, past and present trends so that you can make a correlation.

6. NetDania Forex & Stocks

NetDania Forex & Stocks is a free app and is one of the highest rated investment apps of the Google Play Store. You’ll be able to set reminders and alerts for country specific stock market news and trends as and when they appear.  NetDania Forex & Stocks also have collection information from over 10, 000 stocks, 20, 000 financial instruments and 2,000 currency pairs.

7. MyStocks Investment App

Best Investment Apps for Android

MyStocks is a newcomer in the investments app category, and the features of the app are unique. The MyStocks app offers you, real-time stock quotes, charts of funds, ETF’s, currency exchanges and future. You’ll be able to set a reminder so that the app alerts you when the selected stock has reached the value you have set.

8. Acorns – #1 Investment App for Android

Acorns let you polish your business skills by making small, tiny bits of investment at a time. The features of the app are fairly simple. The app lets you invest in an automated way.

It takes the spare change from your day to day spending potential and then invests it automatically so that you can make more money out of it. It is a very much fun way to enter into the world of business and investment.

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9. SigFig Wealth Management

10 Best Investment Apps for Android

SigFig Wealth Management is a perfect amalgamation of Acorns and MyStocks app. You can check stock prices, track trends and charts and even can make investments. They charge a nominal fee of 0.25% per year fee with no additional trading fee.

10. StockTwits – Unique Investment App for Android

StockTwits gives you this functionality to create stocks wish lists, ability to check for trading stocks and you can sort the stocks based on their gains and losses in the past. The app has the built-in support for Robinhood also.

Best Investment Apps for Android : Conclusion

So, this was our top 10 list of the best investment apps. There are even more such apps available on the Google Play Store but what we’ve covered is just sufficient for beginners and intermediates.

To know more about Android apps, visit Nox App Player now. So which is your favorite Android app among these top 10 Investment Apps for Android from the above given list? Let us know by commenting below.

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