Best 16 Hacking Apps for Android For Geeks

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2021)

This article pulls down a comprehensive list of 16 Android hacking apps used by ethical hackers across the world. We have listed here some of the best hacking and network monitoring apps that in no time turn your android device into a massive hacking machine. Some of these apps work in rooted phones while some work well in the non-rooted device. These apps are best for penetration testing and hacking via android devices.

Best WiFi Hacking App for Android

The list of top hacking apps we have brought here is for information and education purpose. Hacking devices for stealing data is unethical and illegal. We don’t endorse any kind of hacking or misuse of private user data in any manner. All we want is to make you aware about the availability of these apps. Use them on your own risk.

1. Fing

Meet our first hacking app in the list. It’s available for download on Google play store and competent enough to unearth everything related to Wi-Fi network. This best hacking app for android in the list can help you ascertain a lot about the logged-on devices, hidden cameras in the building, bandwidth usage, and much more.

Besides, the app provides a multitude of features such as parental controls, intruder blocking and ISP performance analysis etc. These features altogether can provide every minute detail about your network.

Fing is loaded with features that let you analyze the vulnerability of your routers. It protects against hacking and unauthorized intrusion required for a secure and stable network.

2. AndroRAT

AndroRAT is the abbreviation of Android Remote Administrative Tools, a client-server app that’s popularly used for managing Android devices remotely. Using this best wifi hacker app for android  you can sneak into varied details including contacts, call logs, SMS, MMS and recent calls etc. The scanning process runs in the background once installed. No need to reboot the device to run the scanning. It can gather information from the client device very easily.


 best hacking apps

If you are looking for a powerful and feature loaded hacking app for your Android device, cSploit can be your bet. This is a sort of network tool packed with Metasploit framework. The app is quite handy in running checks against security vulnerabilities on networks. The only downside of the app is that it requires a rooted device to run the scan.

4. DroidSheep

Using DroidSheep you can monitor network activities around your WiFi network. Besides tracking the network activities, the app even lets users intercept social media activity, web browsing, and other related activities happening online.

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The app comes with a cluttered and basic user interface. However, this Android hacking app all important and basic network monitoring features for your WiFi network.

5. Hackode

 best hacking apps

This Android app is the next Android hacking app and a power packed networking toolkit too. This android hacking app comprises a slew of noteworthy network monitoring features. With this app in place you can collect a bunch of crucial data about your WiFi network such as Whois info, port scanning info, DNS and IP searches, and much more. The app is exclusively built for penetration testing with delightfully simple user interface.

6. Kali NetHunter

This is another effective hacking tool that can do a lot of stuffs. But it’s compatible to limited devices. Kali NetHunter hacking tool has some very impressive features on board including wireless injection and an AP mode as well. The app can easily abort HID keyboard attacks and unearth details about internet traffic.

7. Network Mapper

This hacking app is available for download on Google Play Store. Technically, this network scanner app is a frontend for the Nmap scanner. Once installed it starts Nmap scanning process. Using network Mapper app can help you check out open ports, protocols, hosts, services, and other crucial details about any connected network.

8. NetX Network Tools Pro

 best hacking apps

NetX is our next hacking app cum network analysis tool. The app can effortlessly bring forth a number of important information about your WiFi network such as IP address, MAC address, Bonjour name, signal strength, subnet mask, gateway, NetBIOS name, Doman, the mobile network provider and DNS, etc.

The app can save device address of the devices that were previously detected on your existing network. The app can provide you enough information required for penetration testing or network testing.

9. Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro

Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro is well known network packet catcher tool that can be downloaded from Google play store. The app has ability to check and monitor both WiFi and LTE networks. The tool can pull down plethora of crucial information and surprisingly it doesn’t ask for any kind of root access to use it. The app is available in both free and pro versions with respective feature list.

10. WiFiKiLL Pro

WiFiKiLL Pro gives you full control of your WiFi network. This unique hacking app will allow you to unearth data about every user connected to the network along with data transfer rates for each device, and the names of each device. The app has amazing blocking capabilities too.

11. zAnti

 best hacking apps

zAnti is a network penetration tool that thoroughly sneaks into the potential network vulnerabilities. The app conducts a complete network scan and gathers a huge chunk of information about the network and potential vulnerabilities coming from brute force attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks and DNS attacks.

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12. FaceNiff

FaceNiff  is one of the best hacking apps for far. The app allows users to intercept WiFi network traffic at scale. Hackers use this tool to sneak into user’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts via their android devices. The app is smart enough to give unauthorized access of your phone to hackers by stealing cookies from Wi-Fi network.

13. USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver is our next hacking app in the list. To use the app you have to mount your Android device to a computer and run the file right from sdcard’s root. The app can give hackers an easy entry into vulnerabilities in Windows 2000 or higher versions.

14. DroidBox

Best Hacking Apps

Using DroidBox you can conduct dynamic analysis of Android applications. The app can pull down a variety of network information for you including the hashes for the APK package, network traffic, SMS and phone calls and information leaks via different channels, etc. Sometimes you can ascertain the behaviors of an android package using this app.

15. Burp Suite

Best Hacking Apps

Burp suite is an ideal hacking tool that lets you conduct deep security testing of web applications. It comprises a number of tools that turn handy during the testing process. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process. Right from the planning of the test to analysis of an application’s attack surface the app does it all for you seamlessly.

16. Nmapper

Best Hacking Apps

Nmapper is a security scanner designed to unearth hosts and services on a computer’s WiFi network. The app creates a “map” of the network. This hacking app acts in a straight forward manner to accomplish the task. Nmapper sends specially crafted packets to the target host and analyses the responses that it receives from these hosts.

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