13 Advanced IP Scanner and Monitoring Software

Before starting off our list of IP Scanners and or monitoring software let’s understand what they actually are.  Technically these are the tools that are used to   discover vulnerabilities and bugs in a network.

They are also helpful in finding IP addresses and to connections to a stated Local Area Network’s (LAN) IP Addresses. Using these IP scanners you can easily track the whereabouts of devices and network connections with their IP addresses that are dubiously connected to your network. Once tracked, you can block those networks manually or automatically. For network round the clock network protection, these advanced IP scanners are essential.

Advanced Port / IP Scanner Tools for Network Monitoring

In this article we are going to cover top 13 advanced IP scanners that can help you identify IP address, MAC address, device name and device type etc. Here we go:

1. Zenmap

advanced IP scanner

We start the list with Zemmap network and IP scanner. This network security scanner is loaded with high end features including host discovery, port scanning, web scanning and version detection etc. Also named as NMAP, it is available on all premium operating systems including Windows, MAC and Linux.

2. Wireshark

It’s next in the list of network scanners. The software application is available both in free and paid versions and is equipped with a slew of impressive network scanning tools. The software packs a few utilities and functions helpful in analyzing and managing networks. The Wireshark IP scanner is available on Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, OS X and Android platforms.

3. Free IP Scanner

advanced IP scanner

This is quite a lightweight yet highly powerful scanner that can scan hundreds of computers within seconds.  The tool works on multi-thread scan technology and available for Windows OS. The software displays a multitude of information related to the NetBIOS including hostname, workgroup, etc. You can export all these information via an excel file.

4. IP Address Manager

This is feature loaded IP manager and scanner software. Made by SolarWinds, the tool brings in multitude of features for Managing DHCP, DNS, and IP. The software allows users to find IP detail and history tracking of the devices connected.

You can also schedule a scan using the IP scanner. The software is capable enough to manage IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and monitor multi-vendor devices too.

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5. PRTG Network Monitor

advanced IP scanner

PRTG Network monitor is helpful in scanning IP addresses and multiple devices on LAN or WLAN. You will be immediately notified if the scanner detects any disruptions in the network. Using the tool you can effortlessly monitor network traffic.

This IP scanner tells you about the number of connected devices available in your network. Additionally, tool is equipped with sensors and realtime monitoring feature for customized monitoring.

6. Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP scanner is the most popular and recommended IP scanners with over 20 million download. This is an open source scanning tool compatible on on Windows, MAC, and Linux operating system. Besides scanning IPs, this network monitoring software can scan ports as well.

7. SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Like another network monitoring software in the list SoftPerfect Advanced IP Scanner is capable of scanning the IP address and MAC address of devices that are connected to a network. The tool lets you download and share the results of scan in several file formats such as CSV, Text, HTML and more.

8. JDSU Network Analyzer

advanced IP scanner

This network analyzer is equipped with essential scanning tools such as user IP detection, bandwidth monitoring and network error source detection, etc. The software packs several other features as well such as multi-technology analysis and seamless cross platform support.

9. IP Scanner by Spiceworks

This is capable to automatically discover the connected devices in LAN. The monitoring software is compatible to Windows, OSX and Linux OS. The software is quite handy if you want to explore all network-connected devices in one go.

10. Network Scanner

This portable network scanner software is powered by Lizard System. The software lets users analyze your personal and corporate network. It’s equipped a multi-threaded scanning technique that powers it up for scanning thousands of network-connected devices per minute. It presents information related to NetBIOS information, web server, FTP, and more. You can export all this information in HTML, TXT or XML file formats.

11. IP Range Scanner

This is a free IP scanner and networking monitoring software powered by Lansweeper. The tool can scan your network and display network-connected device information for further course of action. You can also schedule a network scan whenever you need so.

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This software can also execute custom commands, discover subnets, import network IP using CSV files and detect internal and external IP addresses quite efficiently.

12. NetCat

advanced IP scanner

It’s more than standard IP scanner software. It’s a sort of UNIX networking analyzer used to debug and protect the network against any kind of hacking. The software allows you to create any kind of connection.

The tool is capable of writing to and reading data from network connections using TCP or UDP protocols. This IP scanner for Mac and Windows you can connect to a remote system through any port or service. Using this software tool you can also scan, listen and forward open ports.

13. MyLanViewer Network/IP Scanner

This is another popular and Advanced IP Scanner ideally made for Windows operating system. The tool is capable of thorough scanning of target network and displaying the IP, MAC addresses, NIC vendor, OS Version and information on logged users etc.

The tool can effectively monitor all the connected and scanned devices and notifies the user whenever a new device is found. The software is packed with a NetBIOS scanner, a Whois and Traceroute tool and a wireless network scanner and monitor etc.

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