10 Best Games for iMessage on iPhone

With the advent of technological advancements, there is a massive growth of mobile gaming without any signs of slowing down. You can get a vivid picture of all the aspects of IOS games by consulting with a well-renowned mobile app development company.

By signing with the APPLE ID, users can have access to well-designed and phenomenal games. However, Apple developers have added a new dimension to text messaging. The iMessage games are usually turn-based so, a group of friends can play at their leisure. Free games are iMessage exclusives while it is possible to play other games outside of the application.

Before discussing the list of iMessage games, there is an immense need to know how to play those games. 

How to get a hold of iMessage games?

The interface of IOS is vaguely different in comparison to its predecessors. The older versions of IOS devices did not support the iMessage games.

  • Open the Appstore within iMessage
  • Need to create a new conversation.
  • Click on the application icon that is placed next to the iMessage box.
  • Tap the grid icon from the apps menu in the lower-left of the screen.
  • Ensure to tap the store icon.
  • Users need to see applications, games, and stickers compatible with the iMessage games. Always ensure to use the search feature for finding the games you are looking.
  • Then tap Get for installing it.

A step-by-step guide to play iMessage games

After installing the game you want, add it to the end of your application list. To challenge your pals within the iMessage games, you need to:

  • Commence a conversation with a friend you want to play.
  • Click on the application icon that is placed next to the iMessage box.
  • Tap the grid icon from the apps menu in the lower-left of the screen.
  • Scroll through various applications and find the game that seems appealing and fun to you,
  • Tap for creating a game.

After creating the game, users can begin playing the game instantaneously. However, when your turn finishes, your friend receives the message, and their turn starts.

10 Games to Play on iMessage With Friends

The IOS developers throughout the globe ensure to provide base functionalities and social components. That helps in creating enthralling yet engaging games.

1. Game pigeon

Game pigeon covers numerous classic games into one application. That is the way to challenge your friends and play poker, a battleship from iMessage. These games are free to play but, almost all of them contain in-app purchases.

  • Users frequently get updated about new games and bug fixes.
  • A few games from this pack contain more than two players.
  • There are a lot of optional and versatile in-app purchases.

2. Wordie

Wordie is a free game for IOS users that is similar to Pictionary. Players have a jumble of letters and a few pictures that serve as hints for a mystery word. Users can create a group of 40 players by syncing with other IOS devices. Users can also sync apple watches.

  • There are more than 600 classic levels. And IOS developers are launching more.
  • Can easily integrate with social media platforms so you can ask friends to help you or vice versa.
  • Users of these games can create puzzles and play levels made by anyone.

3. Cobi Hoops

Best Games for iMessage

If you enjoy shooting hoops with your friends, then you can have some basketball competitions without breaking a sweat. It is a free game in which users compete to see how many baskets they can make in 30 seconds. Players can also gent benefitted and raise their score by trick shots and unlocking new challenge modes.

  • There are numerous types of characters and courts. So, choose the one you want.
  • Every character tends to look unique and appealing because of the outstanding pixel art.

4. Air Hockey

It is a fascinating spin that encourages players to wager bats. You have various options to choose from like loser boys or you can make the stakes the way you want. Be cautious while playing the game because the pace of the puck escalates with every volley.

  • A fascinating concept with numerous possibilities
  • A phenomenal tool for the settlement of disputes

5. Word game tournaments – Boggle with friends

Boggle is a board game where players get two minutes to spell as many words from a collection of random letters. It is a fast-paced version of scrabble. Download the boggle application, practice a lot, and then challenge your friends in iMessage.

  • This game offers a lot of gaming modes and live tournaments.
  • Either you play alone or with others, it is always fun.

6. Mini golf on iMessage

Best Games for iMessage

It is one of the well-known games in the iMessage. Although this mini-golf game is quite challenging, the enthralling graphics and fluid controls prevent things from getting too exasperating. That is exclusive for iMessage users and free to play.

  • The unique themes of this course keep it interesting.
  • It is addictive yet challenging gameplay.

7. Truth, truth lie

If you have not heard about the two truths and lie game, then let me tell you. It is a game that is played in groups that helps in knowing each other better. Everyone has to make at least three statements about themselves.

The group members then have to guess whether the statements are true or false. That is a classic icebreaker to message so that different people from different countries can know each other well.

  • Obviously, people are not comfortable talking to strangers on video calls. So, it Is a text-based game.
  • There are also two lies and a truth mode.

8. Simple Trivia

Simple trivia is a game that tests the overall knowledge of history and pop culture. That is a free game in which players take turns answering different questions from six categories. Users only get 10 seconds to give the answer.

  • Various questions cover multiple answers.
  • Add the questions and let others answer.

9. Checkmate

Although game pigeon is a version of Chess, it offers a superior experience. You can chat with your friends while playing and can also play multiple games at once. There is no time for turns, so players can think as long as they want to go to the next move.

  • Users can sync the games across various devices.
  • It keeps a record of your entire move history.

10. WIT Puzzles – make your puzzle

Best Games for iMessage

WIT Puzzle game is a game that turns photos into slide puzzles so that friends can unscramble them. This application has a track of how many people are making moves for taking the pieces in the right place. Along with iMessage, the WIT puzzle is available for WhatsApp and Facebook platforms.

Playing puzzle games with friends and having fun requires a step of downloading an application. When people do not want to download anything, iMessage has various games to play with family and friends while texting. Just add them as extensions within the messaging application and play within your usual conversation.

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