How to Create an Attractive Poster with DesignCap Poster Maker?

As a popular promotion approach, the poster & flyer are always important in modern life. Many of us have the experience of receiving some posters or flyers in the street, which are full of some information about a business or some thoughts. Sometimes we’ll be attracted by the content but sometimes we’ll just throw it away because of the bad layout. Yes, the quality is very important.

Poster Design with DesignCap Poster Maker

Do you need qualified posters & flyers to promote your business or activity? What’s your feeling of making a poster without any others’ help? Do you want to create stunning posters with a professional appearance by yourself? Have you ever try using some online poster makers to design a poster? Don’t worry, no matter what your answers are, you’ll get something useful from the article.

Here, I’ll show you a brilliant web-based software named DesignCap to help you create posters & flyers for free. There is no download or registration required, so you can feel free to try and test.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap poster & flyer maker, developed by PearlMountain, is devoted to helping people create posters & flyers online without any professional design skills required. It offers you a lot of advanced features like hundreds of qualified poster & flyer templates, thousands of resources, and powerful editing tools. All of them are free to use. With the help of these features, you can definitely create a delicate poster or flyer in 3 steps.

First, choose a right template.

 There are abundant poster & flyer templates that are well-designed by DesignCap’s designers.

A fantastic template can inspire you and show you what the right poster & flyer looks like. If you have no idea how to design a proper poster or flyer, then select from the variety of delicate templates. There are many kinds of templates with different themes and styles for a variety of occasions and events, including party posters, sports posters, fashion posters, animal poster, travel posters, etc., and the style covers simple, colorful, vintage, and so on. Many of them allow you to create flyers as well. According to your purpose to find out a favorite and proper template is very important.

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Second, add elements.

Designcap has prepared thousands of resources like stock photos, clipart images, shapes, backgrounds, fonts, etc.

No matter what kind of poster you are going to create, the images are the main part of it. DesignCap allows you to upload photos from computer, import Facebook photo and search 580,000 images on the internet.

Another part to decorate your poster is the clipart image. DesignCap provides many kinds of clipart images for you, such as icons, shapes, funny images, love images, nature images, travel images and so on. The background images also cover different styles and enable you to set solid colors or gradient colors. All of the images are well-designed and satisfy you for any purposes. With them, you can create abstract posters, significant posters, beautiful posters, simple posters and so on.

Meanwhile, there are many beautiful fonts to decorate your text. As the text plays an important role in the poster or flyer. You should select an attractive font to decorate it and let people notice your content at first glance.

Finally, customize at will.

Sometimes, to create a poster or a flyer will be an easy thing. DesignCap has prepared hundreds of delicate templates for users and what better is that all of the templates are fully customizable. That means that whatever template you have chosen, you can change every element of it and adjust anything to meet your own needs.

It is an art to combine all elements to a proper position with suitable color and size. DesignCap offers many professional editing tools for customizing your posters the way you want, such as adjusting size, position, rotation, changing text font, color, effect, alignment, applying specific background and managing layers.

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Nothing can stop you from unleashing your creativity to create amazing posters that will impress your audience.


 The poster and is an effective way to do the promotion. Whether you are an individual or running a business, it is necessary to create an attractive poster or flyer to promote your thoughts or culture. As it is not that easy for an ordinary people to design a qualified poster or flyer, DesignCap is no doubt a useful helper for you. Although there are many similar tools online, with the rich resources and powerful feature, DesignCap will do better than many others. Besides, it is free!

As a free, handy, and useful graphic design tool, DesignCap promises to help you create qualified posters and flyers as easy as possible. If you need posters & flyers, or just for fun, please feel free to use DesignCap to release your talent. People will see a brilliant work, an excellent you!

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