Apple Rolls Out iOs 10.2 For iPhones and iPads

Apple has quietly rolled out a beta version of its ace mobile operating system is. The version dubbed iOS 10.2 will currently be available for select iPhone and iPad users. With this update, Apple has added a number of cool trending features including new emojis and stunning wallpapers. Anyone who is interested in testing these features can join the beta program.

Apple iOs 10.2 Beta Testing Program

iOS 10.2

The update brings several cool features to iPhones and iPads. The update comes with three new dazzling wallpapers. However, these wallpapers are available only for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Other notable features that have become the part of this new update are new widgets for the video app, Preserve Camera setting and a new headphone icon in the status bar. This headphone icon pops up when the user connects wired or Bluetooth headphones to the iPhone.

Besides these features, the iOS 10.2 brings emojis based on the new Unicode 9.0 update. The emojis can relate to people, food & drinks and more.  Reportedly, the update has brought as many as 72 new emojis for the users.  They are segregated in the following manner:

  • 22 new characters under ‘Smileys and People’ section
  • 18 under ‘Food and Drink’ section
  • Others in ‘Activities,’ ‘Animals’ and ‘Objects’ sections
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It is worth adding that iOS 10 had brought over 100 new emojis, when rolled out. In addition, iOS 10.2 comes with some major highlights as well, such as a new ‘Press and Hold to Speak’ menu option under Home Button accessibility settings, new ‘Celebration’ messages screen effects and new ‘Show Star Ratings’ option under Music Settings.

You can get the update by visiting Settings> Software update section.

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