Apple App Store To Allow Payments In Regional Currencies in 9 Countries

Apple is all set to add more convenience to app purchase and in-app purchase from Apple App Store. The company is ready to allow customers to pay for apps and in- app purchase in their local currencies. The feature is about to roll out in nine countries later this month. The users will now have an option to switch US dollars into their local currency before making the payment.

Apple App Store

Once Apple completely rolls out the feature, customers in nine countries will be paying for app store purchases in their local currency. The nine countries where users can now pay in their local currencies are: Egypt (Egyptian Pound), Kazakhstan (Kazakhstani Tenge), Malaysia (Malaysian Ringgit), Nigeria (Nigerian Naira), Pakistan (Pakistani Rupee), Philippines (Philippine Peso), Qatar (Qatari Riyal), Tanzania (Tanzanian Shilling) and Vietnam (Vietnamese Dong).

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The company has already notified its developers about the currency change. To note, the change won’t affect auto-renewable subscriptions offered in the nine regions.

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