9 Tips on How to Find Paid Blogging Jobs

If you want to start a blogging career but have no idea how to make the first step, this guide is for you. Even though you may have no experience in writing texts for internet portals, it does not mean that you need to start working for free or contribute articles to all possible websites hoping that they will accept it and pay you some money.

Paid Blogging Jobs

How to Find Paid Blogging Jobs?

It’s always better to have a strategy when it comes to finding a job, and these 9 paid blogging jobs tips can become your strategy plan to become a well-paid blogger in several months. The only thing you need is the desire to work hard and dedication to writing. So let’s stop talking and move to building your future.

1. Develop your portfolio

The only important thing that you need to prepare in advance is your portfolio. Even your resume in not so important although it does not mean that you don’t need to work on it as well. Remember that editing your resume to suit the demands of blogging sphere is obligatory step, especially if your resume was previously created for applying to some federal position. Still, let’s talk about your portfolio.

Add here the best pieces of your writing and even if you have never been published yet, you may just add text files. The main requirement to your resume is that it must contain only the best pieces of writing that demonstrate your abilities to write in a different style and your understanding of certain niche.

2. Choose your niche

Do not disperse your knowledge and skill in different industries. It will always be better to concentrate on the only one where you have enough experience and where you can provide sufficient expertize. Besides, this will make it easier to blog owners to find you as mostly they are looking for the writers checking their niche not the overall experience.

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3. Cold pitch the blogs that you love

Now the time has come to find a blogger who will order your articles. The first step is to start cold pitching the blogs that you love. Remember that nailing a cold pitch is not an easy thing, but if you know how to do that, you will definitely succeed.

4. Get registered on Problogger.net

This is one of the most popular platforms for young and experienced bloggers where anyone can find the right niche. Problogger is a kind of job board but for writers only. Do remember that you need to add here your resume as well, so if you haven’t prepared it in advance, you can just order resume writing service not to lose your precious time and start to write posts not the CV.

5. Get registered on Freelance writing jobs

This is another job board for writers that has a plenty of opportunities for everyone who wants to start and develop his career in creating content for blogs. We love this website because they have high demands for the jobs and do not accept low-paid ones so you may expect for better payments for your writing.

6. Get registered on Upwork

Upwork has been recognized all over the world as one of the best and the most secure platforms to finding a freelance job. Here, the freelancers are protected with special programs that guarantee that they will receive money for the job done. If you have never worked as a freelancer it will be a great start for you, as you will know for sure that no one will cheat on you.

7. Join Performancing

If you are looking not only for the jobs but also for advice, Performancing will be the best choice for you. It is a real community of the bloggers where they share the jobs and give recommendations on how to write better and how to improve your own performance in writing.

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8. Join Poe War

A young blogger should join as many websites and communities as possible as this is the only way to get in touch with other bloggers and those who are looking for contributing writers. Poe War is one of the most popular websites that regularly provide hundreds of jobs for writers who are looking for new career possibilities.

9. Become an active Facebook user

Your Facebook profile may become one of the strongest tools to promote your writing services. Use it if you have a significant number of followers and friends posting your insights and texts to show that you have a skill in writing.

These paid blogging jobs tips are the foundation for your strategy to find a paid freelance job. However, they will never do all the work for you. Thus, if you want to become a well-paid writer, you need to work on your writing skill, develop your general erudition and build a strong knowledge base in your niche to generate only high-quality content.

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