7 Countries that Run 100% on Clean Energy (Infographic)

Yes, it is true that a lot of people have lost their jobs because of regulations against the coal industry. However, new jobs were also created because of harnessing clean energy. In fact, it becomes more beneficial in the long run if more attention is given to clean energy just like what many small countries have done.

The only reason why governments are afraid to switch to clean energy is because of the influence of oil companies. They have deep connections with governments around the world. They have threatened destabilization if the government starts efforts to move towards clean energy.

The idea that those fossil fuel jobs can be brought back is just silly. There is not enough land in the Earth to dig in search for more fossil fuels. It is dirty energy source and it is going away soon. Promising people that their jobs will go back after deregulating the oil industry is a false promise.

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Not only will it not happen, it can also damage the environment even more. Now is the time to take the necessary steps to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Some countries have already succeeded. Costa Rica, Tokelau and Bonaire are among these countries. They were serious in making it happen.

There are more countries that have found a way to completely let go of dirty energy source. Just check the infographic below for more details. If we care enough for the future, we should act now and save our planet Earth.

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