6 Checks To Perform Before Buying Used iPhone!

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

If you are looking to buy an iPhone, just go to the Apple store and buy one, or ask your contract service to provide you one. But, what to do when you want to buy a used iPhone? Buying a used iPhone can be a good proposition if you are not willing to invest a $500 in a new phone for some reason. However, despite its benefits like low price existing brand value, a used phone will not be covered under warranty.

Buying Used iPhone

Checklist Before Buying Used iPhone

Think of buying a used iPhone as if you are buying a used car. Sell it the moment it starts to show signs of trouble. Perhaps the biggest benefit of purchasing a used iPhone is that it is a reliable phone with plenty of processing power and raw performance.

Unlike some other smartphone brands in the market, the iPhone doesn’t suffer from performance handicaps from time to time. The iPhone are known not to hang or freeze, which cannot be said for other brands. Also, your iPhone will keep performing optimally even if you didn’t take great care while using it. For these reasons, the iPhone brand has maintained a positive reputation for being a secure and reliable smartphone. So, now that you’ve decided to buy a used iPhone, here are some useful tips to keep in mind before buying:

Buy A Real iPhone

Before going out to the shop and look to buy a used iPhone is to identify if it is original or not. Don’t be surprised if you find many copies and fake iPhones roaming in the market. After all, buying a fake iPhone would be the last thing you would want right? Start checking the phone by examining its weight; it should conform to the actual weight of an iPhone. Move on to the next step of checking the software. Turn on the phone and check the installed OS. The user interface UI should be exactly like the one featured in iOS. Also, test the phone’s serial number to ensure it is a good iPhone and not a fake one.

Check The IMEI, ESN Number

Your phone’s IMEI number is the unique code assigned to it by the manufacturer. No two iPhones in the world will have the same IMEI or ESN number. Make sure you check this number before buying the iPhone. If thecase of theft, you can use the number to lock the device and render it useless permanently.

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If you are a CDMA user, you must check MEID number which is essentially the same as IMEI (GSM) number.In rare cases, users ended up purchasing a locked phone as they didn’t properly check it beforehand. If you are buying a used iPhone that may be locked by the carrier due to non-payment, that’s not a problem as the career service will restore the phone.

Here, the phone is not locked through IMEI or MEID number per se, rather due to non-payment. So, before buying the iPhone, check the IMEI number on Apple’s website and see if the phone is IMEI, MEID locked or not.

Check For The Water Damage

In some cases, users sell phones due to water damage. Now, identifying a water damaged iPhone is not easy. You need to look for sure signs that the phone suffered water or liquid damage. Luckily, most iPhones come equipped with a Liquid Damage Indicator (LCI). If the phone is liquid damaged or fell into tea, coffee or other liquids, the LCI indicator will turn red.

If not, the LCI indicator will maintain its original color i.e. silver or white. Keep in mind that the indicator will not accidentally turn red due to moisture or humidity, it can be witnessed in the SIM slot.

The Box

Though you may be wondering as to what makes the iPhone box unique, it is the fake box you need to be aware of. The fake box will lack some details like model number, bar code, serial number and country name where it was manufactured. Also, the original box gives a premier look which is not the case with fake packaging.

Physical Buttons

In your quest for finding the original iPhone, do pay attention to its buttons. Theoriginal iPhone will have the home button is right in the center while the wake/ sleep button is at the top right corner. Similarly, the ringer and volume button occupies the upper left part of the phone. If any of these buttons are placed at the wrong place, the phone you are holding is not genuine.

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The Screen, Battery, And Camera

The iPhone has one of the best screens among all smartphones in the world. Over the years, iPhone’s Retina Display is only getting better by the day. If you are to buy a used iPhone, make sure the phone has a good Retina screen. Turn on the phone and check the screen, tilt it at angles and see if the screen washes out or not. Ideally, the iPhone screens don’t wash out even at steep angles so do look for this feature.

The battery is another factor that you consider while buying a used iPhone. The battery should be in pristine condition. To ensure that it is, turn on all the features in the phone including the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, NFC, etc. Start using them by sending and receiving data. In the meantime, keep an eye on the battery indicator and see if it drops quickly or not.

If it does, the phone’s battery is faulty. Turn on the camera and flash and many pictures. Moreover, put the camera in the video mode and record videos. Similarly, your iPhone also has a GPS receiver so turn it on to see if it is working properly. GPS also consumes plenty of battery, so it is a good way to test the battery. All in all, a long lasting battery indicates towards a phone that is not only in excellent condition but is also rarely used.

After checking the phone properly, it is time to make a decision. If the phone has gone through all the tests effortlessly, you shouldn’t hesitate in buying it.

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David Lynn
David Lynn
March 29, 2017 1:40 am

Coming from the Oneplus One, but that was stolen so I’m going to make the switch to IOS. I’m going to choose between buying a used Iphone 6s or a new Iphone SE. I linked to the online store that I found that sells these models so I don’t have to worry about the condition, but I am still worried about making the right choice between the models themselves. The Oneplus One is a big model and I’m afraid the screen would be to small if I buy the SE. What do you guys think is my best option ?… Read more »

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