5 Best VPN Choices to Transform your Fire TV Stick

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2021)

Planning to make the best use of the Fire TV Stick at home! Try beefing it up with a VPN and ensure that no feat is out of bounds.

But then, why only a VPN makes sense to Fire TV Stick users?

A VPN or virtual private network is one asset that empowers every gadget you can think of by allowing it to access restricted content, applications, and other resources. Therefore, if a VPN is installed onto a streaming device, preferably the Fire TV Stick, it becomes easier to access content that isn’t meant for the concerning device.

Plus, you can indulge in peer-to-peer downloads and other activities with a VPN client at your disposal. But, not every VPN is the same and in the subsequent sections, we shall talk about the 5 best choices that are most effective when paired with Amazon Firestick, Cube, and other streaming variants.

Choice 1: ExpressVPN

No discussion concerning Fire TV Sticks is complete without mentioning ExpressVPN. This VPN client trounces the peers by a fair margin with a wide range of server choices and affordable pricing plans to rely on. Plus, this is one all-inclusive VPN, which you can fit in either for torrenting, accessing restricted Netflix content, or downloading elusive third-party applications.

Why ExpressVPN is worth considering?

If you are a heavy torrent user, you might be able to relate perfectly with ExpressVPN. As torrenting or rather any form of P2P downloading requires steady internet speeds, we would recommend ExpressVPN over any other service provider.

VPNs generally lose a bit of steam when it comes to torrenting, as they need to reroute traffic across secure channels in an effort to make P2P downloads anonymous. While a VPN makes your torrenting activities anonymous, it often strips 50 percent of the existing internet speeds. However, ExpressVPN, on average, only compromises 10 percent of the ISP speeds.

Also, the server coverage is the best, when compared to other VPN clients with ExpressVPN having close to 3000 servers, spread far and wide across the globe. Apart from that mentioned traits, this VPN client comes equipped with a kill-switch, making it easier to terminate downloads, the moment the server link ceases to exist.

Lastly, ExpressVPN brings Split Tunnelling into the mix, thereby ensuring that ISPs need not keep a close eye on your internet usage. Overall, be it the number of simultaneous connections or multi-OS compatibility, ExpressVPN comes forth as the most sought-after VPN client for the Fire TV Stick users, regardless of their usage patterns.

Choice 2: Surfshark

If torrenting isn’t one of your priorities and you are only looking for a VPN to keep the content indulgences anonymous, Surfshark seems like a prudent inclusion. This VPN service is one of the more affordable inclusions to the list, best characterized by its relentless content unblocking capabilities.

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As far as server spread is concerned, Surfshark has units erected in almost 65 countries, making it easier for the Fire TV Stick users to dig deep into the region and country-restricted content.

While Surfshark isn’t exactly the best VPN service provider for your torrenting requirements, its attractive pricing makes it a go-to, generic VPN for the Fire TV Sticks, more so due to its ability to establish unlimited device connections.

Choice 3: CyberGhost

Despite being a new entrant in the VPN space, CyberGhost has been able to make a name for itself, owing to its targeted abilities and high-speed masking. However, there are a lot of good things about the CyberGhost VPN client that deserve special mentions.

For instance, most Fire TV Stick users prefer using it for torrenting when a majority of the CyberGhost servers aren’t even tested and calibrated for P2P downloads. This showcases the speed-generating ability of this VPN and the potential of its limited servers when it comes to managing torrenting with perfection.

Plus, the app interface pertaining to the CyberGhost VPN client is interactive enough and allows you to select from a restricted range of torrenting servers. As far as security is concerned, the air-tight encryption protocols make CyberGhost one of the best VPN services of the modern era.

Also, there is a dedicated Kill Switch to work with, which ensures that you are always one step ahead of the government-imposed sanctions and restrictions. What works perfectly for the streamers is the zero-log claim made by the company.

Therefore, if you are interested in a new yet holistic VPN client that even allows you to establish 7 high-speed connections at once, CyberGhost is the name to consider.

Choice 4: NordVPN

Strangely, NordVPN is one VPN client that deserves a higher position on the list but we still chose to consider it for the fourth place, owing to the restricted number of server locations and its ability to support only 6 simultaneous connections.

But then NordVPN is an insanely powerful and popular VPN service provider that doesn’t compromise a lot of speed despite rerouting traffic via secure channels. Overall, if you are using NordVPN as the service provider of choice, you are expected to get close to 80 percent of the ISP-rated speeds, despite downloading region-restricted content.

Plus, if you are into torrenting, NordVPN is one of the more dependable VPN clients in the market. Not just that, you can seamlessly install the same on the Fire TV Stick as NordVPN works better on devices other than mobiles.

However, it is the overall security that separates NordVPN from the herd. This VPN client adheres to the double encryption standards and ensures that the content passes through two servers before being sent across as a request. Plus, the ‘no-log’ policy furthers the credibility of this exciting, reliable, and affordable VPN service provider.

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Choice 5: Hotspot Shield

If your VPN choices are strictly determined by connection speeds, Hotspot Shield should certainly get a better position than the 5th spot. Regardless, as this VPN service provider gets a mention, we should spare some bandwidth to address the features in their entirety.

Firstly, the Hotspot Shield fits seamlessly into the schema of any given Fire TV device. Secondly, it helps you unblock a diverse range of content choices, including the ones telecasted on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, iPlayer, and more.

With close to 1800 servers to rely on, Hotspot Shield is one of the more advanced VPN clients in the retail space. That’s not it as the service provider uses the Catapult Hydra encryption protocol for safeguarding data, which is one of the few technologies that keep VPN speeds intact, despite the raging anonymity on display.

In addition to these attributes, Hotspot Shield also allows you to establish 5 high-speed connections at once, whilst appeasing users with a proactive, money-back guarantee.


Each of the mentioned VPN clients has a dedicated application for the Amazon Fire TV interface. Therefore, installing the same isn’t difficult and you can get access to the preferred one right away to start experiencing a new and diversified world of content, sans holdups.

However, you need to be aware of one little aspect before proceeding. Despite each of the mentioned VPNs coming with a free or a trial version, you should consume restricted content or resort to torrenting only with the paid version installed. This way, you need not worry about the security loopholes, speed compromises, or troubles related to bandwidth exhaustion.

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