5 Best TV Remote Apps for Android 2019 (Updated List)

New age Android devices are spec heavy, decently configured and coming with several sensors built into it. IR blaster is one of those sensors that help users to control their smart TVs and home appliances. Thanks to the remote control functionality built in.

For any reason, if you don’t want to use your standard TV remote app, you can control it easily through your Android phone. For the purpose you need to have an IR Blaster aka TV Remote app in your handsets.

Best TV Remote Apps for Android 2019

We have, therefore listed here 5 Best TV Remote Apps for Android that you can use to control your TV or any other appliance, smartly from your phone.

1: Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

TV Remote Apps for Android 2019

Our next app,Smart IR Remote is efficient enough to offer users full control over all your home appliances and smart TVs.

Offering unmatched compatibility with over a lakh smart devices, the Smart IR Remote – AnyMote can easily control your Smart TVs, simple TVs, air conditioners and streaming devices.

In addition to that, the Smart IR Remote-AnyMote can work with home WiFi network to connect other smart devices as well.  Using the app you can l automatically switch on the set top box and your home theater system.

The Smart IR Remote can offer you a series of gestures in order to allow you perform few actions.

Using these gesture features you can apply themes to remotes for individual pages. Its free version is limited in features, so you have no other option but to buy its full version to uncloak all its features.

 2: Mi Remote Controller : Best Android TV Remote App

Best TV Remote Apps for Android 2019

I used as many as five RC apps on my TV sets but found Mi Remote Controller app the most powerful and feature loaded one. I will surely recommend you this if you’re out to have one.

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The amazing thing with the MI RC app is that along with offering support for TV sets, it also works with set-top boxes, air conditioners, fans, smart boxes, projectors, and more.

You will appreciate app’s minimalist and ad-free UI. The app comes free of cost and very much compatible with premium smart TV makers including Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Honor, Nokia, Huawei, and more. If you haven’t yet used this A\android RC app, go get it.

3: Twinone Universal TV Remote

Our first Android TV remote apps comes with amazing capabilities. Twinone universal remote app for Android is free and lets you control your smart TV sets using their in-built ultra modern IR sensors.

The app offers full compatibility with all premium TV brands including LG, Samsung, Sanyo, Toshiba, Visio and Panasonic etc.

The USP of the app is its troubleshooting mode which allows you to solve errors occurred while connecting and using the app on your TV. The app comes free and comes with not-so-annoying ads.

4: ZaZa TV Remote – Loaded Android TV Remote App

ZaZa TV remote App for Android is our third Android RC app in the list. The app helps you control your TV using your phone’s IR blaster inbuilt with TV Remote app.

The ZaZA TV remote app is equally compatible with smart TVs and other appliances including air conditioners, set-top boxes, projector, DVD player, and more.

The USP of the app is its support to different appliance brands. So, it’s safe to assume that the android RC app would also support your smart TV or appliance. When checked, we found this app working fine with smartphones that have an infra-red sensor.

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5: Unified TV Android Remote App

Remote Apps for Android 2019

Unified TV RC App is both an advanced and affordable remote controller app in our list. It can disappoint you as the list of compatible devices it supports is quite lesser than the other one that we listed above.

Despite the fact, the app is loaded with a slew of smart features. The app can help you detect nearby devices with IR sensors automatically. Moreover, its widgets and home screen shortcuts can help you have easy access of connected devices.

The app is loaded with Tasker and Flic integration features. Despite the fact it lacks at features, it can easily fulfill your demand of a functional TV remote app.

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