11 Best iOS 13 Features of iPhones You Must Have Used

A lot has been going on in WDC 2019. Apple has already made so many exciting announcements. However the most amazing is the arrival of iOs 13 and its awe inspiring features. Read on the list of 11 iOS 13 features that you will like

11 Best iOS 13 Features to Look It

Apple has just updated its iOs operating system with tons of noteworthy features. These features are meant to accelerate overall user experience. We will discuss here following upcoming features of iOS 13:

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Swope Typing
  3. Power and Performance
  4. Improvised Reminder App
  5. Find My App feature
  6. Redesigned Apple Maps
  7. Sign in with Apple
  8. Photo and Video Editing Tools
  9. Improved Health App
  10. Audio Sharing Feature
  11. Voice Control

Before going through them, you can also read our past post that listed features of iOS 12. The read will help you compare features from both the versions.

The article peeps into those 11 stunning features of Apple iOS 13 that will surely steal your heart.

1. Dark Mode


After Android, iOs finally followed the route with dark mode. IOS 13 finally brings the system-wide dark mode feature. The feature will be available on various Apple properties like Maps, Apple Music and Notes

The latest dark mode feature has given a new styling to phone’s default keyboard and dock. Users can activate dark mode from phone settings. In addition, users can access iOS 13 dark mode wallpapers placed under the Wallpapers section under the Settings tab.

2. Swipe Typing

Swipe typing is another long awaited and one among best iOS 13 features that Apple brings now with iOS 13. The feature is already there in Android device. The popularity of the feature led Apple to introduce the feature for iPhone users. The feature, though, will be called Quick Path in iOS devices instead of Swipe Typing.

3. Power and Performance

With iOS 13, Apple finally shifts its focus on offering more performance and power to the users. This is quite important in times when more users complain that their iPhone slows down while they are updated.

Apple says that they have added algorithm improvements that will eventually make Face Unlock 30% faster as compared to iOS 12 and apps will launch twice as fast as well. In addition, with iOS 13 in place, Apple is all set to reduce the size of app downloads.

4. An Improvised Reminder App

It’s also a long standing request that Apple finally acted upon.  Finally with iOS 13, Apple brings the considerable changes and a complete overhaul to    Apple’s Reminders app. Now, you can see a redesigned app with a few new filtering options like “Scheduled,” “Flagged,” “Today,” and “All.”

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With the new app, users can now decide when they would like to get reminded. Thanks to Apple’s early adoption of Artificial Intelligence. The app will also get the dark theme support in this update.

5. Find My App feature

Best iOS 13 Features

Another from the list of best iOS 13 features that users expected and finally got is Find My Friends and Find iPhone apps installed with iOS 13. These apps are based on Apple’s cryptography techniques. It helps users find their devices even when they are offline.

Apple boasts of its widest network of Apple devices. To find a lost device, the app relays Bluetooth signals and tracks the location of the lost device.

6. Improved and Redesigned Apple Maps

Best iOS 13 Features

After series of disappointments raised from users from Apple’s native Apple Maps app, the tech giant has finally offered improvements to newly designed Maps app. In iOS 13 you will see Apple Maps designed with several noteworthy visual improvements. The app also gets a ‘Look Around’ feature that poses similarities with Google’s Street View feature.

 7. Sign in with Apple

Having user safety and privacy in front of above, iOS 13 comes with a brand new “Sign in with Apple” feature. As you can rightly guess with the name that the feature will let users sign-in into websites without revealing any personal information.

We have already seen people signing in with Facebook, Twitter and Google IDs. The feature is something of that sort. When user signs in with Apple, they won’t be prompted for filling in their details. The “Sign in with Apple” feature will be available on the web apart from other iOS devices.

8. Photo and Video Editing Tools

If it’s annoying for you to install and use third party photo editing tools on your device, iOS 13 comes up with a solution. The update has added video features to its default photo editing app. Using these video edition features, users can adjust highlights, shadows, saturation, white balance, contrast, vignette, and brilliance.

Other than this, the app upgrade will also let users rotate videos in the Photos app directly. User can also apply filters and use editing tools in video from now.

9. Improved Health App

Best iOS 13 Features

Besides top notch top iOS 13 features list we explained above, iOS 13 has also come up with slew of mention worthy improvements. In addition to all other standard features that app already has, a new summary view is added to give users an overall summary of their health.

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Apple’s health app will also have a ‘Cycle Tracking’ feature for women. The feature, as name implies will help women to keep track of their menstrual cycle.  Another feature called ‘Hearing’ will compare environmental sound levels with headphone audio levels to keep your hearing ability protected against external factors.

10. Audio Sharing Feature:

Best iOS 13 Features

Another complacent feature that you surely like in iOS 13 is ability to sharing audio files.  This top iOS 13 feature enables users to stream Bluetooth audio to two different devices. This means, same song can be enjoyed in two different AirPods.  The feature appears to be a handy one in case you are streaming a movie on your iPad with your friend.

11. Voice Control Feature

Best iOS 13 Features

This is an AI enabled feature introduced in iOS 13 and can be found the Accessibility sectionWith the feature, Apple brings in a number of voice commands for the users to control their iOS devices. These are the voice commands required to operate the device.

Some of the important commands offered are “Swipe right,” “go back,” “open camera” and “scroll down”. We think you’ll like the Best iOS 13 Features list. Do you know any other feature that we missed? Do comment in the comment box.

Best iOS 13 Features to Look It : Conclusion

That’s all with the list of top 7 best file editing software to choose in 2019. If you think that the list is missing a few popular software tools, do tell us in comment box. Thank you for stopping by.

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