YouTube Video Optimization Best Practices For Improved User Viewership

Being the second biggest search engine after Google, YouTube generates about 100 billion page views and witnesses 35 hours of video upload every minute. Due to its massive potential, businesses across the globe have started launching their YouTube channels to present their business in the more visible format.

It’s evident now that videos usually create a major impact on the user’s thought process when it comes to the buying decisions. Irrespective of the business vertical your business comes in, a YouTube Channel for the same can help you to get the more views and user response.


If you are a brand or a big name in the domain, users will find you but being a novice business brand it’s tough to get noticed easily. Uploading a video isn’t everything but optimizing it to improve its search exposure is something you should do incessantly. YouTube videos as well should optimize in the very similar fashion we optimize the web pages of our website for better results. If your YouTube video fails to gather the steam among viewers, chance are there that it is ill-optimized. Following are the key tweaks you should do in order to optimize YouTube videos for more views.

Give Your Video A catchy Title:

Your video title is the crux of your video that describes your videos in the better light. This is as robust and significant as the title of any web page could be. A catchy, engaging and interesting title should be made to represent a video. This should be SEO-friendly that means it should contain primary keywords at the beginning and branding terms at the end.

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A Crisp Description:

Another very important component is the video description that should be placed carefully. The description should be prepared to have SEO aspects in mind. A video description should contain keywords in the beginning, a few words on the offering there after and something specific in the last if possible. Make sure that the description carries enough substance to bring the viewer’s attention.

Don’t Forget To Add Tags:

YouTube offers you an opportunity to tag a video with as many as keywords possible. Already there is no hard briefing about how many keywords should be used in the tag, experts suggest to use enough tags to completely define your business to the end users. You can use more popular search terms and long-tail keywords as the tags.

A Call-To-Action:

Adding a CTA isn’t the part of SEO itself but an attempt to make users responsive. Add a call-to-action button at the end of the video. This can be a ‘Subscribe here’ form or ‘Find us on Facebook’ button. It helps users to take quick decisions.

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It not only improves the credibility of your video but dramatically enhances your video viewership.You are however advised to build videos that are short and highly focused. Don’t cover a big topic in the single video. Always divide it into series / parts with appropriate titles and description. It will make your YouTube content engaging, easy to understand and solid.


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