Wikipedia For Android Goes Innovative: Gets An Elegant Design

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia for Android updated with an elegant design and new features. In the latest update, the Wikipedia for Android gets a new Explore screen that shows up front and center when you open the app. The screen combines a feed with recommended photos and articles, trending pages, and a randomizer. The randomizer feature enables you explore a random Wiki article.

Wikipedia For Android

With the update, Wikipedia has added other types of chosen content as well, such as “Because you read” (recommendations based on what you have been reading on Wikipedia), “Continue reading” (read articles you started, but didn’t finish), and “Today on Wikipedia” (takes you to the Wikipedia main page).

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While scrolling down the feed, you’ll be able to see the featured content from previous days. Another feature introduced is a card-based interface that lets you simply swipe away stuff you don’t want to read and hide it. The latest update has made sharing an article easy.

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