Which Conditions can be Ideally Treated via Online Therapy

Technology has changed our lives overnight and there is no doubt that it has made it all the more convenient. From online grocery shopping to payment of bills, there is no stone left unturned!

Online counseling has paved a way for far more positive outcomes than traditional counselling as some patients may not be as forthcoming with their counsellor in person as they would be online.

Online therapy allows the patients to use more than one pathway to communicate with their counsellor and address their issues with ease and comfort.

Here we take a detailed look at a few conditions that can benefit from online counselling.


Depression is one of the most common and serious mental illnesses that negatively impacts one’s life. It affects how a person feels, thinks and acts and if not treated, it can lead to severe outcomes.

Depression constitutes a variety of symptoms that include loss of pleasure in life, a continuous feeling of sadness, lack of energy, a change in the normal sleep cycle and most importantly, a constant feeling of being worthless. For a definite diagnosis of depression, these symptoms must persist for a period of at least two weeks.

Luckily, depression is a treatable mental illness and besides medication, counselling is known to play an important role on the road to recovery.

Online counseling helps the patient to develop mindfulness and to adopt a positive approach towards any situation while remaining anonymous. It also helps the patient in developing confidence to address the issue and seek a solution for it.

Keep in mind that in some cases, online counselling is more than enough to help the patient.

Anxiety and Mood Disorders

All of us suffer from anxiety every once in a while but if this anxiety starts taking control of our life, then it is time to seek help. Anxiety is associated with constant and excessive worrying without any specific cause.

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This excessive worrying takes over your life and can even manifest itself in the form of physical symptoms such as restlessness, irritability and panic attacks. Just like depression, online counselling is said to play an important role in controlling anxiety.

Talking or chatting with an online counsellor can help you in rewiring the way you think and effectively challenge the anxious thoughts that are triggering the condition. Furthermore, an online counselling session can also help you in learning healthy coping skills.

Bipolar Disorders

As the name indicates, bipolar disorder is composed of extremes of mood disturbances including depression and mania. As mentioned earlier on, depression is associated with negative feelings and feelings of worthlessness.

As opposed to depression, mania is associated with increased energy, impulsive behavior, increased sex drive, increased spending and increased excitability. Recognizing your symptoms and addressing the issue is the key to successful treatment.

Regular online therapy at BetterHelp can help in changing your cognitive abilitiy and controlling the symptoms. Keep in mind that online counselling allows a patient to be more open about his/ her symptoms and issues as opposed to an in-person counselling session.


One of the most common reasons why people opt for online counselling is addiction. Addiction means that you are dependent on something to such an extent that it starts disrupting your normal daily life.

From sourcing the materials of addiction to needing an additional amount of the material every time to gain satisfaction, addiction can negatively affect your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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Online counseling allows the addict to address the underlying issues, learn how to step-down the use of addiction materials and replace them with more positive coping skills and most importantly, to prevent any relapses. An online counsellor allows you to dothis without judging you or your character.

Marriage Counselling

Online counselling is said to play an important role in resolving multiple marital conflicts. More over, it not only helps in resolving issues but it also plays an important role in strengthening the marital bond as well.

Some couples even opt for online counselling, without any conflicts, to ensure a healthy and happy marital life.

Online Counselling Helps in Seeking a Long-lasting Solution for a Number of Conditions!

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