WhatsApp Update Version 2.16.264: Bigger Chat Emojis, Front Facing Flash

WhatsApp is ready with a slew of new features in its latest beta update version 2.16.264.  The Facebook owned messenger has just added features including an annotation tool, ability to paste emojis and text on images, zooming capabilities by sliding your finger while recording a video and a front-facing flash for your selfies.

What Is New With WhatsApp Update Version 2.16.264

WhatsApp Update Version 2.16.264

Updated WhatsApp camera:

With the latest update, WhatsApp camera now features Front-facing flash and one-finger zoom capabilities. The front-facing flash feature is helpful while taking selfies. It’s similar to a flash that illuminates your face in dark environments.

Another highlight of the update is a one-finger zooming capability in the updated camera.  The feature helps you zoom in and out by just sliding up your fingers up and down when you’re holding the record button to capture a video.

Notably, the feature only functions in WhatsApp’s camera interface. A user can launch the interface by tapping on the camera icon placed next to the text box in your chat window.

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Image drawing and Stickers:

In addition, the latest WhatsApp update will now let users add stickers or text to the picture. Now, you can annotate and draw on top of the images. Previously, users were only able to crop and rotate images. An undo option is also given to revoke the changes made.

Bigger Emojis:

The WhatsApp Update Version 2.16.264 also brings larger emojis to WhatsApp chat. Means, you can now send relatively larger emojis to your friends, relatives and kin.

Single emojis will appear a little larger than its original size. The size of emoji further scales down as the number of emojis increase up to 4. If the number of emojis exceeds 4, emojis are scaled backed to their original size.

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