10 Free Voice Changers for Discord [2021 List]

In recent days, Discord’s rising popularity among gamers and streamers is more, and it began as a simple and voice chat app for gamers. Discord also has bots and tools that you can use to increase your experience.

Voice changer refers to the software that can change the pitch or tone of your voice. You can confirm the videos and share them with others through mailing and social media websites.

Best Discord Voice Changer Software

The social media platform contains a simple interface with various effects that you can apply in real-time. Here are the lists of details about ten free voice changers for Discord.

1. Clownfish

Clownfish is one of the most excellent options for a simple and free voice changer. Although it appears to be quite basic and it is well worth the effort to keep things simple. It is not a difficult tool, but you can get the job complete with free options.

The clownfish would be nice if it had more voices and features, but it is not a huge problem. You may use this voice changer because it contains a comprehensive sound modification system, which means it may run in the background and modify any sounds coming from your microphones.

2. Voicemod

The Voicemod is one of the unsurpassed voice changer programs that you can use on Discord. It provides the services of different voices, but it also makes your appeal easy to use. Apart from Discord, it may also work in other apps, and it affects the sound more naturally than other voice changer apps that you have tried.

The program of voicemod is simple to use, and you can receive it for free on all window platforms. You can use this tool on other online chatting services and streaming services. If you are trying to find a free voice changer for Discord live chat, Voicemod will win by a large margin compared to other tools.

3. MorphVox

MorphVox is one of the best options for shifting your voices in a clear and specific manner. It will offer an extensive online gaming experience that you want to spice up. It will always be easy to use and a powerful voice changer that makes you better with new sound effects and capabilities for eternity.

MorphVox outperforms all other tools on your list because it can produce crisp and high-quality audio without putting more strain. If you want to generate the best sound effects, this tool even mimics your voice and often updates.

In addition to the constant features, it supports some restoring files in the same folder and plug incompatibility. This kind of voice changer for your Discord is the best available option, with many effects and built-in sounds.

4. Voxal Voice Changer

On the surface, Vocal would seem like a top on Discord voice changer option. However, it is not the holder that once you can start it with apps. The interface seems to be basic and easy to use.

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Still, the free version is limited, and many voice management tools are locked off from free users. Discord allows you to converse in real-time with no time delays, so you can contrary without sounding out of sync. You can able to create audio effects using minimal CPU resources. It is free to use and well-matched with practically all existing applications.

5. Roblox

Roblox voice changer makes a straight-up voice with no frills. You can play around with many voice modulations in real-time for free, and you can hear it through your headphones.

Wide varieties of voice styles are distinguished this voice changer from others. It contains a pitch and modulation control that allows you to customize the sounds. It is compatible with Discord and may build static sounds when you are used with other chat software.

6. MasqVox Voice Changer

It is the top-rated and most superior voice-changing app that you can use in Discord. Although it has been made for some other tools, still it works well with Discord. It can offer a lot of human and cartoon-based voice effects. It is a tool that contains too little weight and does not slow down your system, and it will be compatible to work in all types of the window system.

7. Discord Voice Changer

The Discord voice changer is the best app for changing your voice for fun. It refers to itself as an entertaining app, and it will connect with Discord as easily as it has lots of voice presents.

This software gives you access to a sound effects collection that you can use while communicating with Discord. You may use this software to transform your voices with a user-friendly interface for free. If you want some fun, you can use this tool to disguise your voice and astonish your friends.

8. AV Voice Changer

AV voice changer is a comprehensive platform for all effects of voice and audio possessions. For role-playing games and chat programs, it is the better option in your list of voice changers.

The program automatically interacts with your suitable types of tools according to its virtual audio delivery technology. It is the professional-grade software of speech changer that you can use in real-time in sites of Discord and other alternatives. You can record and edit your morphing voice in the waveform to make it sound realistic in this voice changer.

9. Super Voice Changer

A super voice changer is a tool with lightweight, and it uses very little CPU power. It does not have any voice presents, but you can manually tweak the settings to create a custom voice for free.

The important thing in this voice changer tool is that it allows for fairly deep customization, and it is pretty fast. The super voice process will not only be used in Discord, but it is also compatible with other services.

10. Voice Changer

The voice changer is the basic tool in voice-changing apps. It offers you simple options like you can either upload an audio file or use it through a microphone to costume your voice or produce the speech from text. It will straight away welcome you with many kinds of voice effects, and it may be employed efficiently in your gaming sessions with your friends online for free.

The Bottom Line

Finally, the voice changers are pleasurable tools that, strangely enough, and serve a useful, practical purpose. Thus the details mentioned above are the ten best and free voice changer software for Discord. You can download and check them for free, and sure you will have a fun way to kill your time.

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