Twitter to Show Tweets Reported and Removed

Microblogging legend Twitter brings a new feature that will notify users about the tweets that are reported and tweets that are removed for violating Twitter policies.

Twitter to Show Reported and Removed Tweets

With the feature in place, Twitter will show a notice in place of the tweets that have been removed.

The feature is being seen Twitter’s move to name and shame those who violate Twitter guidelines and post offensive tweets. Twitter states in its official blog post that that now a notice will be displayed on the user account’s profile as well as in place of the removed tweet.

The notice will carry a link to Twitter’s Rules and an article that explains how the company enforces these rules.

This is what Twitter writes about the feature in its blog post

“Now, once we’ve required a Tweet to be deleted, we will display a notice stating that the Tweet is unavailable because it violated the Twitter Rules along with a link to the Rules and an article that provides more detail on how we enforce our rules. This notice will be displayed on both the account’s profile and the specific Tweet for 14 days after the Tweet is deleted.”

Twitter writes in the blog post that the new feature has been introduced after users’ frequent queries on how Twitter handles reported tweet and what’s the disposal mechanism.

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So far, Twitter had only one way to deal with the reported tweet and that’s update the progress of reports to the users who reported tweets. In case Twitter found those tweets in violation of the stated Twitter guidelines, they would be removed silently. Twitter used to notify only those users who reported such tweets.

Now, Twitter has made entire process more transparent and innovative. The only fear with the feature is that it could lead to public shaming of the user account. Twitter further said that tweets that users have reported will be hidden from their timeline.

Instead, Twitter will show a notice in place of the reported tweet, along with an option to view the tweet.

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Twitter to Show Reported and Removed Tweets

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