Twitter Launches Highlights Feature; Get Top Tweets Twice Daily


Twitter for android has now updated with a highlight feature that’ll notify users twice a day with top tweets of the day. These will be the top tweets that you may have missed. If you’re annoyed of seeing the tweet notifications frequently, Highlight feature will make it less frequent.

Twitter, in its blog announced the feature. The company said that it will analyze popular tweets based on conversations among accounts you follow and trending topics in your local area.

After receiving the push notification, you can navigate to the main interface by tapping on the highlighted tweet. Swipe through the highlighted tweets until you arrive back to your regular real-time feed.

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The ‘Highlight’ is an opt-in feature, so you need to make a small tweak in Setting if your push notification is on. You can go to Settings > your Twitter handle > Mobile notifications and check Highlights to make the feature ‘on’.

-Twitter Launches Highlights Feature

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