Now Bookmark a Tweet You Want to Read Again

Twitter is set to launch a new exciting ‘Bookmark’ feature for users.  The feature would be like any other bookmarking ability you use to access while using browsers.

Twitter Bookmark Feature to Come Soon

Twitter’s new bookmarking feature will enable users keep track of tweets they want to get back to, without having to ‘Like’ them.

twitter bookmark feature

It seems Twitter has acted upon users’ demand for a ‘save’ option, so that, they could mark a tweet for further reading. So far, users are required to like a tweet in order to mark it for later reading. But liking a tweet doesn’t necessarily mean a user likes the tweet, maybe he just wanted to read the article later.

With the rollout of this new ‘bookmark’ feature, Twitter would be able to improve its data flow and improve their algorithm matching. Another possible reason why Twitter mulled the option is that it was really impractical for users to track their past tweets by wading through all their likes from that day.

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Twitter has been working hard to impress their users with new innovative features being launched every week. This feature as well is Twitter’s attempt to bring more users to the platform and come out of grim revenue projections the company is facing for some time.

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