Top 8 Free Password Manager Apps For Android

# Last Updated On: July 24, 2021 #

The problem with strong passwords is that they are difficult to remember. And it’s a sulking mess to remember over a dozen no intriguing combinations of characters, numbers, and special characters. We are listing here the top 8 best and free password manager apps for Android.

It’s tedious and annoying to separately remember passwords that we create throughout our online journey. Whether they are e-commerce portals, banking service portals, email applications, mobile apps, or websites meant for information repository, they ask us to register first in order to access the content further,

But the matter of the fact is that strong passwords are recommended to secure your online identity and crucial information.

So, instead of using loosely coupled passwords that you can recall easily, use strong and hard to crack passwords and put the free password manager software at work.

Free Password Manager Apps (Android)

Technically, a password manager is an application or software program that store credentials in an encrypted form. They offer users access to the stored information whenever it’s asked.

We are listing here the top 8 best yet free password manager apps that you can use to store your password safely.

1: Enpass Password Manager:

8 Free Password Manager apps

The Enpass Password Manager is compatible with all premium platforms viz. Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, etc. The software is available to use in both free and paid versions.

Even with the free version, the app brings forth a number of sure-shot features for the users including cloud backup, fingerprint support, family support, password generator, AES-256 bit encryption, web form Autofill, data import, etc.

However, for Android devices, the app supports only 20 passwords to be stored in the free version. To go beyond the limit, you have to pay few bucks.

2: Symantec Norton Identity Safe

Top 8 Free Password Manager software

The Symantec Norton Identity Safe comes right from the house of Symantec, the brain behind Norton. Norton Identify Safe is equipped with all features a basic password manager app should have. The good thing with the software is that it comes all free.

This means there is no paid version of this password manager tool. The tool stores password credentials and let users access them with a single click. It also offers a convenient way to fill web forms.

The software comes with a password generator tool separately available for the users. The software lacks at offering timely feature updates, and this appears to be the major disadvantage with it.

The noteworthy feature with the Norton Identity Safe is the ability to supports the import/export of login credentials in .csv file format.

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3: LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is our third contestant in the list of top 8 free password manager apps. The free version of the software brings loads of features for the users including two-factor authentication options, password strength report, secure password sharing, cross-device sync, biometrics support, and digital wallet, etc.

The software program comes packed with a one-click functionality that analyzes weak passwords and changes them into a strong one. With the software, users get options whether to create a password-less account or add a master password.

In addition to that, its free version comes with a feature that allows access of the vault to any other user. The beneficiary gets control of the account if something happens to the user.

4: TrueKey

‘TrueKey’ is the next in the list of the top 8 best password manager apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The software also supports web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

The USP of TrueKey is its simplicity and multiple sign-in methods such as facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello, two-step verification, etc. These methods help you strengthen safety manifolds.

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Therefore, users can log in into the app with any one of the authentication methods, instead of the password manager.

Its free version allows the storage of up to 15 passwords and comes with a password generator and a digital wallet where it stores personal information.

The best part of the password manager is that it keeps login credentials encrypted and stores it locally. Credentials are synced across devices on which the password manager is used.

5: Dashlane:

Dashlane is an innovative and popular password manager app that takes password protection to the next level with its AES-256 bit encryption.

The app stores data locally and comes with automatic form filling, automatic logins, two-factor authentication, and import/export of credentials.

The Dashlane password manager app also works as a digital wallet where users can store credit cards, debit cards, and other payment details. The app comes inbuilt with a dedicated interface to let users change multiple passwords with ease.

Moreover, DashLane’s free password app comes with the ability to store unlimited passwords for one device.  You can remove the cap with the premium version of the app. Paid version even offers features such as cross-device syncing and cloud backup etc.

6: Roboform

Top 8 Free Password Manager

Roboform is the oldest and most popular free password manager app with a stunning yet user-friendly interface. The app offers seamless support for Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

Roboform is available in both free and paid versions. The free version of the password manager app comes with features like unlimited password storage, automatic form filling, and single-click logins for websites and apps, etc.

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The paid version of the app is loaded with some extra and advanced features. There is a paid version available which like other password managers provides some extra benefits such as cloud sync.

7: Sticky Password

Sticky Password is our next bet among the top 8 free password manager apps available to date. This password manager is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. The app even supports all the popular web browsers.

Some of the noteworthy features of the Sticky Password manager app include Autofill, form filling, password management, two-factor authentication, and fingerprints.

The password manager app Sticky password is available in both free and paid versions with additional features such as cloud backup, cross-device sync, priority support, etc.

Sticky Password can also store user’s payment details in addition to credentials. One feature that the creators of Sticky Password promote with enthusiasm is that the password manager app can sync data across WiFi locally, in case, some user doesn’t want to do it over the cloud.

8:  KeePass:

KeePass is a specially built password manager app for Windows. It’s however available for macOS and Linux platforms also.

KeePass password manager app stores the usernames and passwords on the user’s device in an encrypted file format. The app also supports the import and export of credentials in XML, CSV, and HTML file formats.

The downside of the KeePass password manager app is the limited features its offers in comparison to the other renowned password manager software. However, you can enjoy basic password manager features like form autofill, two factors authentication, and a built-in password generator tool with KeePass.    

Best Password Manager Apps : Conclusion

That’s all with our top 8 free yet best password manager apps for Android users. Before installing and using them, visit their individual pages to find good and bad about their features. If you think we missed an important password manager app, do tell us in the comment box.

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