Top 5 Features You Must Look in Every Smartphone Before Buying

Want to buy a new smart phone? Then what are you waiting for? GO ON!

Few decades ago there were no cell phones but with the passage of time there are latest inventions in technology which are helping to move the mankind in modern era. Smart phones now-a-days have become the most popular device on planet earth.

Top 5 Smartphone Features to Look For

Top 5 Smartphone Features to Look For

As it is the era of social media every person wants to buy the latest smart phone with variety of new and distinctive features likes surfing internet, listening music, downloading different games and streaming live videos. To carry a smart phone now-a-days is an interesting fashion but just hold on… Do you know what you should have to keep in mind before buying any Smartphone?

Here are some cool features and a radiant guide line that everyone should keep in your mind which will help all of us in deciding, in the selection and buying of a Smartphone.


Firstly, most important feature of a Smartphone is its display. If you are a regular user of your phone and you access social media apps or stream movies on it then your phones should have a good and clear display. The size of display should not be larger than 5-inch to 5.5-inch as the larger display will not be easy to carry in hand and can be dropped anywhere while sitting or walking when placed in pocket of your pants.

And the smaller display can even affect your eyesight. One important tip is that always keep reducing the brightness of the display so that the battery will not be consumed quickly.


The battery timing depends on the user like how he uses the Smartphone. Usually now-a-days every single person is having a battery issue with his phone. So the battery depends on the usage of smart phone. If a person is business oriented and has to spend the day on calls then 2500 mAh battery will be enough for his daily routine.

But if a person has to stream videos or spend his day in internet surfing or click pictures then that person has to focus on 3500 mAh battery while buying his new Smartphone. But now-a-days the battery problem has solved by power banks.

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A power bank helps to fulfill the battery demands where ever you are. Battery timing is very powerful salient feature in determining the potential of any Smartphone.


The important feature which everyone should keep in mind is the storage of Smartphone.  Many queries are received on issues related to memory. As every person likes to install more and more apps there are a lot of games too being downloaded in every phone so a person should must focus on the storage and memory.

Mostly the phones come with 16 GB storage but if a person is fond of games and downloading different apps in his phone then 16 GB storage would not be enough for this. Furthermore the person should then rely on 64 GB storage or 128 GB instead of less storage.

And if you can’t afford a phone with higher storage then the other option is that you can buy a micro SD card with 64 GB storage and this will help a lot to keep things saved.


The other problem which trolls in everyone’s mind is about mobile accessories. People demand mobile accessories of good quality but on the other hand now-a-days the mobile accessories are not up to the mark. So if you want to buy a Smartphone then be focused on the accessories which include charger, data cable and hands free.

Moreover as the time passes by if the quality is not maintained then the accessories gets out of order or they just break away very quickly.. So here is the advice that while keeping the internal features of the Smartphone in mind one should also focus on the mobile accessories in Pakistan as they play important role in building the standard of the Smartphone.


The speakers and voice quality can be a major feature for those who like to listen loud music on speakers and stream videos on high sound. So one should observe that speaker is the key feature of every Smartphone and should be present on the front side of the phone.

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But for business oriented persons and those who don’t like loud voices a small speaker at the back of the phone or at the lower side of the phone will be pretty much fine which flushes out voice in the lower direction. Do not ignore the voice quality of any Smartphone because it is one of the main features that decide whether you should buy a Smartphone or not.

So before going on shopping for the Smartphone these are some of the main features that every single person should keep in mind and should be well aware of all these things. As smart phone is considered one of the family members and is a friend of every human being.

Among all the Smartphones iPhones are considered the clever ones that are fulfilling all the above salient features and are not much expensive to buy.  And if someone is interested in buying iPhone then he should place his iPhone in the iPhone case as they are much expensive and can get damage easily. Availability of iPhone cases in Pakistan is much easy with the growing demands.

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