Top 10 Apple Watch Apps That Could Turn Your Life

In this tech-driven world, it becomes very usual to see everyone using smartwatches or bracelets to track their health and daily life activities. The most valuable and preferred watch is the apple watch and it is the only smartwatch that is not short in terms of apps. Read on the latest list of top ten best Apple Watch Apps that you can download today.

Skilled developers and designers have put their valuable time and efforts to implement amazing experiences for the smallest screens that Apple produces.

10 Best Apple Watch Apps for 2020

The app watches surpasses Google’s, Samsung and Fitbit’s smartwatches in terms of quality and quantity. The apple watch app list in the app store gives its users the most amazing apps that could change the way you see the world.

With so many apps available for the apple watch on the apple app store, it is difficult to find the right ones for you. No worries, we got you covered.

We have scoured the 10 apple watch apps as per the latest technical news that have been tested and outlined that have been curated by iPhone app developers and third parties only for you.

1. Things

Best Apple Watch Apps

An app that provides a perfect task manager on both the iPhone and the apple watch. It makes the tracking of daily tasks easier. You can add up the daily tasks and you can check off as you complete them right on your watch.

You can go into the minor details just by clicking onto each task. You can also reschedule the task for the next day just by clicking on add for tomorrow on your watch. You can add a task by a tap and speak to your watch. The task will be created and then you can add a start date or end date.

2. Carrot-fit

Best Apple Watch Apps

This is by far the best fitness app for the apple watch. This app tries to infuse itself into your personality. It can call you a “Meatbag” or can give you a ride to “7 minutes in hell” – it includes high-intensity exercises. It involves AI that allows you to exercise in most ways like “celebrity faces punches” and “dragon mating dances”.

You can take a break and pause if it doesn’t seem right for your body. Carrot-fit enables you to start the session again by just tapping the red start button. The app is amazing when it comes to results. It will try to threaten, insult and also bribe you.

3. Speed alert

Nowadays automobiles include speedometers to track the speed of the vehicle. This app enables a user to know the speed of the vehicle while you are driving. It comes with audio and vibrations alerts, that warn you every time you go overboard with the speed limit. It is a great app as watching the speedometer just to track the speed limit can be a lot distracting.

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4. TheScore

Best Apple Watch Apps

Who doesn’t like soccer or someone who is not a sports fan? The app watch is a great smartwatch that keeps you up-to-date with the latest scores and news or any Latest app Related news.

TheScore app is the best app for the apple watch when it comes to the latest scores.  It is free of cost and you can completely customize it as per your mood.  The app will throw each and every update of your favorite teams.

You can watch the in-game action going on and can also checkout the upcoming games and its information, right on your wrist.

5. Shazam

Best Apple Watch Apps

When you hear an unknown song randomly somewhere, like it and want to know the details of the song. Well, the shazam app got you covered. Tap the button and the app will load up and starts listening to the audio. Go through the history to add any song to your apple music or Spotify.

Apple bought Shazam and didn’t do anything other than making the app ad-free, which is also a perk. The app enables you to have the ability to identify songs, so next time you don’t have to pretend that you’ve heard this song before.

6. Citymapper

An amusing transit app that gives its users the bus and subway alerts. It can also alert you to service outages, or plan trips and much more. The working of the app goes by grabbing public data feeds from numerous sources.

On the watch, the app is even better. With a glance at your risk, you can decide where to head next. The app seems handy when you are in a crowded place and spares you to take out your phone every time. The drawback to this app is that it works on data from various public transit data and that isn’t available in every city.

7. Spark

Best Apple Watch Apps

If you download this app on your Apple watch, I bet that in no time it will come across your favorites. It is better in translation to apple’s smallest screen. The app includes features like mail sorting i.e. prioritize what you want to see first. Go through your emails or newsletter with this app at your wrist.

It comes up with a big colorful button that glows when a relevant notification pops up. you can see, open, read, reply back, snooze for later, archive it or delete as per your wish. The app is so fit such a small screen size and lets you see your whole inbox, pinned emails, and various other sections.

8. Dark sky

Best Apple Watch Apps

A weather forecast app set on your watch to let you know about the weather in the nearest proximity. It warns you an hour ago about the rain or snowfall in-advance. The app provides you a visual timeline of the expected rainfall and how far into the future you should expect it.

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Watch the forecast for the day or for the week, by just dwindling the digital crown. The app is great and has been termed as the best apple watch apps for students.

9. Autosleep

Best Apple Watch Apps

It’s very necessary to know about your sleeping routine as it can help you to develop better health. The app in the watch lets you track your sleep, and also how well you are sleeping. The reports of the last night will be sent to your iPhone.

The details of the reports will include how long you slept, or for how long you were awake, your average heart rate while you slept. For a chance, if you are not wearing your watch while sleeping, then the app will just track the number of hours you slept.

10. 1password

Best Apple Watch Apps

One of the greatest password managers ever developed. The app is now available on apple watch. Manage all your passwords in one place i.e. your wrist. It enables its users a one-time login feature for accounts that require two-factor authentication.  If you are too much using such accounts then 1password is an app to check out asap.

Best Apple Watch Apps for 2020: Conclusion

Wearables are a part of our life now, so having a smartwatch and having great watch apps at the same instance just increases the usability of your app and then you can flaunt it more. Watch apps provide ease in life and you can track it in better ways.

Apart from all these, there are many great apps that you can install as per your usage. Some of them can be swimming trackers, online trade market and much more. The above list provided to you is based on the user reviews and ratings.

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