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These 4 Selfie Apps Will Take Your Photo Frenzy At New Level

If you’re obsessed with taking selfies and sharing it over social networks for handful of likes and comments, there are so many apps available there on the respective play stores. With respective set of features and utilities on offer, they make selfies picture perfect.

Top 4 Selfie Apps For Selfie Geeks

Besides the fact that you will be using an app for tweaking your selfie pictures, I am listing here 4 of my favorite selfie apps that would love to check out once.

1. Prisma:

As of now, Prisma happens to be my favorite (favorite x favorite x favorite) among the selfie apps I love to play with every second hour. I haven’t yet found a better selfie app than Prisma. The app was originally launched for iPhones, but its innovativeness and classy abilities like hand sketch like effects, the app became a huge hit among the users.

All a user needs to do is to click an image from their device’s front or rear cameras and choose the desired effects. Prisma offers as many as 36 filters that you can choose to decorate images. The app is available for both Android and iOs users.

Selfie Apps

2. Frontback:

Frontback is one among the most useful and super-solid selfie apps I will recommend you. The app enables clicking images simultaneously from front and rear cameras, and then arranges one image over the other to design a final image. While clicking a selfie if you want to click images of your surroundings, this app is a perfect fit.

Now, start clicking awesome selfies without missing the surroundings. The app is available for Android and iOS users.

Selfie Apps

3. YouCam Perfect:

This one is another amazing app for selfies geeks. The app helps users to click selfies and removes background elements to make the shot perfect. With just a few clicks, you can remove unwanted elements to get can uncluttered selfie experience. The YouCam Perfect app starts improving the selfies as soon user releases the shutter after clicking. The app is available for Android and iOS users.



4. Candy Camera:

If you’re exploring a selfie app with almost unlimited filters, Camera Candy selfie app is for you. The app is specially made for Android smartphones and offers over 100 picture effects and filters. Among so many filters and functions available, beauty functions, skin smoothening effects, ability to add stickers and more is available on this app.


The highlight of this app is its ability to function flawlessly without consuming lot of phone resources. The app works great even with a phone with just 1GB or RAM or a low powered front camera.

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