Sprint- Google Voice Integration Bites Dust, Partnership Ends on June 1

Unfortunately, this seems like end of an era. Sprint calls of its long lasted partnership with Google. As per news reported in Android Police, its integration with Google Voice would be scrapped from June 1st.

Sprint Calls Off Google Voice Integration

The integration allowed users use their regular Sprint number on  their phone as a Google Voice number.

The Sprint-Google partnership started back in 2011. Both the giants teamed up together to integrate Sprint numbers with Google’s Voice service. The partnership allowed users use their existing number through Sprint with Google Voice to do a number of tasks including call and message forwarding, using the Google Voice online interface, and transcribe voicemails.

If you are an existing user using the integration, you’ll be able to make outgoing calls and messages through Sprint and not from Google voice number starting June 1. Your calls will no longer be stored in Google Voice’s app and website. Sprint is advising customers to disable the integration before June 1.

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Moreover, Sprint users can still use Google Voice as a forwarding service if they still fond of those features. To do so, they’ll just need to sign up for a new Google Voice number from Google.

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