The Powerhouse of the M-Series BMWs

BMW already has an impression on its audience. From being featured in great movies to racing games, BMWs rules every terrain be it fictional or real. Remember the BMW M3 GTR being featured in the best NFS game ever, NFS: Most Wanted?

Powerhouse of the M-Series BMWs

Working towards getting that car back made the game much more exciting than it had any business to be. Now, BMW has introduced the latest M5 performance sedan, and it is truly exciting!

Driving & Performance:

From its initial launch in 1985, the car has gone through some enormous changes. This time the M5 houses a 4.4 Liter V8 engine that is capable of a power figure of 600 hp. Also, the torque generated by the car is close to 553 lb.-ft.

The car boasts of staggering acceleration, and a speed of 60mph is achieved in just 2.2 seconds. The car reaches a max speed of 162 mph.

This time the company offers an all-wheel-drive system instead of the traditional rear-wheel drive that has become the staple of M-cars. Though it may be slightly alienating, you also get a manual gearbox, which is reassuring.

Also, the drive train is that it is capable of sending 100% power to the rear wheels, effectively making this a rear-wheel drive car. You also get great steering which helps with the cornering in the vehicle.


The interiors of this car are enough to make you buy this piece of machine. The seating on the car has been made out of leather, which accentuates the overall appeal inside. Also, the support seat is sporty in nature to get you that stance you wish to have as a rider.

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The infotainment system on the inside has also been well carried out. The car doesn’t go all digital and gets you a couple of knobs for liking. Also, the center console has been readjusted for better conditioning plus the control knobs add extra oomph to it.

One extra feature that is worth mentioning is the iDrive system, which controls almost everything in the car.


If you aren’t impressed by the mechanical part of the car, then its looks will surely capture your awe in the first glance. The car has been designed with elegance and style as top priorities. It has a sporty look that does justice to the engine.

Also, this time the car has been made slightly wider than its predecessors. The roof has been made lighter this time to get that extra punch and a scoop has been added to induced better aerodynamics. You get standard 19-inch wheels with the vehicle. The car also gets Quad exhaust at the back, adding to the sporty looks.


The car has been provided with a wide range of safety features including all the basics. The safety that is included in the car is Anti-lock braking system, Brake Test, Air-Bags on all sides, Child Safety Locks, Traction Monitor, Blind Spot Monitor etc.

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The car has already been tested for IIHS and has been rated ‘Good’ in all the test conditions. It has still not been tested for NHTSA so they can’t be told right now.

Final Verdict:

If you are aware of the legacy that the M series of BMW has left, then you think twice before buying the M5. The car has everything from a power packed engine to the great interiors. Also, it has been made better looking from the previous generation.

The 2019 BMW M5 has been priced at $103,600 MSRP and is a total bang for every last buck it asks for.

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