Do You Need To Physically Secure Your Tech?

When people talk about security in the tech and information realm they usually mean digital security. And while this is obviously very important it is also dangerous to leave physical secure data storage as an afterthought.

It is more likely that the average person can grab your laptop from your car than hack into your laptop.

Though to be fair, a large number of people can hack your computer, but it is a very specialized type of criminal who does this, whereas it is not necessary to know special programming to deny you access to your laptop- they just have to steal it!


Now securing your tech in your own home might seem a little overboard, and in some cases it is. But there are a few instances where locking your laptop away in a secure location like a safe makes sense. For example: on vacation. ‘


Okay, you might bring your laptop, but if you are rocking a desktop or if you are going backpacking or to a place that doesn’t have internet (yes they do still exist) knowing your expensive gadgets are locked away extra safe at home could be an important part of enjoying your vacation.

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If you run a company, you will have to think about securing your employees devices and company data when everyone has gone home as you have a lot more collateral to protect.

Businesses will also have to deal with securing lots of media and dedicated storage lockers or wall units will have the extra benefit of helping you and your employees organize things.


Luckily for business owners there are a plethora of options you can buy to secure your data and equipment each day.

Many companies have laptops, cell phones, tablets and other devices that need to be kept safe, but also charged and ready to go when needed.  Today the convenience of internal wiring has given birth to many powered secure storage options.

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So don’t leave your data or equipment at risk, whether for commercial or residential use, shop around and you can find a product that meets your needs.