Microsoft Rolling Out Skype For Web. Make Calls Without Installing Skype.

Microsoft has been testing a Skype version that will allow people to make internet calls without even installing the app.

The company is calling this feature Skype for web. Currently the Skype for web is available to a group of people who has been the part of this testing. The full-fledged feature will be rolled out within a couple of month from now, Microsoft said.

In its blog post, Microsoft said the following:

“It’s perfect if you prefer using the web rather than an app: perhaps you’re sitting at a computer that doesn’t already have Skype downloaded.”

More than 2 billion voice and video calls are made via Skype worldwide on the daily basis. Skype is a very popular application that enables web users to make high-quality calls to each other anywhere in the world for free.

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When Microsoft acquired the application, they made it available through free applications tailored for computers, smartphones, tablets and smart televisions.

Story: Microsoft Rolling Out Skype For Web

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