LinkedIn Lite Launched for Users with Low Speed Internet Connections

After Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has unveiled its lightweight version LinkedIn Lite. With the launch, LinkedIn attempts to bring more Indian users to the top professional network.

LinkedIn Lite Launched For Low-Speed Data Connections

The LinkedIn Lite app takes only 1MB of space and consumes 80 percent lower data than the flagship LinkedIn app. The app will help users with lower-end Android devices and poorer connectivity to access key LinkedIn features. Now, users using Android phones with low speed internet connectivity can access LinkedIn news feed, jobs, profile, network, messaging, notifications and search without connectivity obstacles.

LinkedIn Lite

Earlier, the professional network launched LinkedIn Lite lightweight mobile website for Indian users in India last September.

In its official statement LinkedIn uncloaked their ambition of rolling out the lightweight mobile website and LinkedIn Lite app in more than 60 countries over a few months from now.

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Akshay Kothari, LinkedIn’s country manager for India, said in a release:

Announcing the launch of the LinkedIn Lite app that the company hoped to “democratize access to economic opportunity” by enabling more users to access its network.

LinkedIn Lite

To recall, the step is being seen as LinkedIn’s attempt to come in line with Twitter and Facebook that have launched lightweight Android apps to serve users with lower-end devices and spotty access to the internet.

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