Astroid Framework Review: The New Era of Joomla Website Development

We all know the fact that using a template framework on a CMS really make it so easy of making websites and templates. And Astroid framework is also there for the same purpose. Astroid is powerful framework for designers and developers to create responsive, fast & robust Joomla based websites and templates.

There are lots of features that are integrated with the astroid framework to make it one of the best Joomla framework available for Joomla CMS. here are some of the features of the framework which makes it different, lets have a look.

Admin Panel With Great Features:

Powerful Admin Panel

Admin panel is the most one of the most important part of any framework as it contains the all the major functionality and features of the framework. Astroid is best template framework for Joomla got one of the best and powerful admin panel out there containing all those features which are required to make a top class website or template.

Admin panel is designed to be self descriptive i.e you don’t need to go on with a comlex learning cure to learn how to use the framework, all of it can be understood and used just in couple of minutes. Features like header variations, powerful page builder, boxed and wide layout, preloader setting etc are there to give you the full control in your development phase.

Header Variations

Astroid Framework Reviews

Astroid Header Variations

We all know that headers are the key element of any website not only just for the sake of SEO but also for UI and UX. Headers are first thing that a user will see on your website and going to use it for navigating to the other pages of the website. So customizing it perfectly is must and best thing to do, and with astroid framework you can do it very easily as astroid provide you the different inbuilt header variations.

There are two main header variations integrated with the Framework names as – Horizontal Mode and Stacked Mode. In each of this mode, there are 3 more layouts which help you to further customize the header.

Layout Builder

Hmm… Let’s talk about layout builder now. A powerful layout builder with drag and drop functionality is integrated with the Astroid Joomla framework which lets you easily customize the layout of any page of the website. Even you can add or make new modules places easily with this layout builder.

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Also not all Joomla CMS users are non-technical persons. They know very little about coding. Moreover, many Joomla templates are so complex to customize that anyone can get frustrated easily. In this case, Layout builders not only help them to create and customize page layouts quickly, but rather make it fun thing also.

Boxed and Wide Layout

Boxed and wide is a thing now. Astroid offers you the flexibility to choose between the boxed and layout mode with just a click. See the following video to see it in action…

Full Customization

Along with all these awesome features, astroid has lot more to offer. Astroid Joomla template framework allows you to customize the each and every aspect of your website or template. Things like font style, font colour and size, typography, color, background color and image, preloader etc can easily be customized from the same powerful admin panel.

The best thing is that you doesn’t need to make changes in any code or any file, all you need to do is to go to the respective setting area and choose the setting which you want to have. That’s it.

Responsive, SEO Optimized and Lightweight

Astroid Framework Reviews

Responsive design enables your website to be mobile-friendly, improve the way it looks on devices with different screen sizes. It also increase the amount of time that the users are going to spend on your website which in turn increase the user engagement.

Astroid Framework is fully responsive and along with this it is also Search Engine Optimized. The designer and developers followed all the major guidelines during the development of this framework which makes it one of the best search engine optimized Joomla Framework.

And On Coding part, all the codes are Clean, well formatted and optimized as much as it can, to make the framework very lightweight. This thing also helps in having the fast page loading speed which again boosts up your SERPs rankings.

Clean and Simple User Interface

Who doesn’t like the clean and simple user interface. There are lots of framework out there who just bombard you with the lots of unwanted information and pop that are so irritating to the users. But this is not the case with the Astroid Framework, Astroid framework is designed keeping the user interface in mind.

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The UI of the framewis clean and very simple which give it a sleek look and allow it to be self descriptive.

Quality Support & Well Documented

Last but not the least feature is the quality of support and documentation you get with the Astroid framework. If you are ever facing any doubts related to the framework you can always tweet to the official JoomDev Twitter account. From their, the quality support staff will assist you to resolve your concern.

Along with this Astroid Framework comes with a very well scripted and formatted documentation with screenshots & video references. All Steps related to the installation, customization and general How to question are described in details in the documentation.

So guys these are some of the features of the latest Astroid framework – A framework designed and developed by developers for the developers. If you have still some doubts or want to suggest some things, you can always leave that in comment section. We read all the comments each and every day.

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