More Reports Surface On iOS9 Testing; Official Words Expected By June

# Last Updated On: July 7, 2016 #

Good news is there for the Cupertino fans regarding the upcoming platform iOS9. Reportedly, the next edition of mobile platform from the company is under testing process. It is said that there are 145 different identifiers of advertisers in the year that sleet from devices powered by iOS 9.

Identifier of Advertisers or IDFA is a process to exclusively recognize a product until the extent that the user opts to retune the identifier. However, as IDFA can be retuned, you can’t be sure of the distinct devices. Still, it is not just anyone’s job; hence, it holds some weight as well.


iOS 9 at different analytical tools

Reportedly, most of the iOS9 products have been found in the United States. There are a couple of those have been evident in Asian nations, and some others from different parts of the globe.

Analysts have to say that the company has just started to take a dig at the way the latest operating system performs in certain global settings. Great to see is that most of those are iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

All the above reports fall pretty much in line with the other current report of products with upcoming iOS9 platforms being there in various site’s analytical tools.

Evidencing more about iOS9 testing

A few days back an analyst referred with a blog after coming across that edition of the iOS9 platform were made available in the web analytics. He had witnessed three visits from the products on the platform during the month of January. The concerned site then took a dig at its own analytics and realised something equivalent.

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It had found ten views from products playing through the iOS 9.x over past few days. Anyway, after some days, another report appeared with confirmation of iOS9 traffic increasing at its site for a month. It is again assumed that it might send-up the operating system edition of jailbroken products, or said that its information could be the outcome of a flaw with

Google analytics

Again, it’s quite trifling to alter the user agent series on a desktop browser to claim something unique. Point is that it is not an easier thing to perform on mobile; that makes the latest report more crucial.

Testing arena

The latest report takes an additional dig into that the said testers are playing on their products, claiming that most of the application cases evident found from social networking tools, while the other categories include gaming, lifestyle tools, fitness and others. Some of these were not under any category as well.

Official words not too far

iOS 9 is a pretty buzzed thing for the fans over the globe. Interestingly, the initial OS event was found just a few days after the release of iOS8. In short, the iOS9 reports that we have been coming across since past few days are coming in a quite confirmed fashion.

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Cupertino generally declares of its latest edition of its operating system during its WWDC conference. It means if everything goes well the way it should be, then we can find some news regarding it during June this year.

– iOS9 Platform Coming Out This June

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