InVideo Review: Features, Price, and Tools

In this modern world, we are constantly bombarded with information in various formats—from newspapers to billboards, digital ads, TVCs, and more. It has been widely studied and agreed upon that audiovisual forms have the highest appeal to our sensory memory.

Thanks to increasing ease of accessibility and cost-effectiveness, advertisers and marketers are choosing videos for their marketing efforts. Digital advertising has opened doors to affordable video advertising, but the question is how to make professional-quality videos.

InVideo is an easy and effective tool for video editing and post-production. Using InVideo’s user-friendly interface and presets, you can take your brand to the next level.

What is InVideo?

You are a brand looking to expand your marketing in the form of video. To that end, you require good, effective, and relevant video content that appeals to your target audience. This precisely is where InVideo comes in handy. The online software is not just limited to video editing but can create videos from written content in an easy and seamless way.

Video content works significantly better than text, so why not convert your written content into an appealing audio/visual experience in a few quick and easy steps? Join InVideo, and it will change the way you approach digital marketing.

How is InVideo different from other editing tools in the market?

One question still remains: How is InVideo different from other video editing tools in the market? A single visit to InVideo’s website will make you understand how InVideo is easier, quicker, and all integrated.

You don’t have available video content in a traditional video editor, forcing you to invest time into finding relevant videos online. Even after sourcing those videos, you must create manual transitions, choose a font style, and add effects. These processes eat into your precious time and may even overwhelm you.

With InVideo, all this is a matter of a few minutes. The reason is InVideo’s integrated approach to video content creation, where you get all the resources, editing automation, and effects.

Features in InVideo

Invideo’s features are highly integrated and automated. Let’s discuss each component in detail to understand the benefits of using InVideo’s video editing software.

Article-to-video converter: It is the software’s most fundamental function. It creates a whole new video based on the content of your post. Yes! It may turn a written article into a fun video for Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

Premade templates:

Often, you have a content plan ready, and you need a template to put everything in place. For times like these, InVideo provides 3000+ premade templates that will help you complete your work in minutes.

Logo revelers:

If you are planning to reveal your logo, InVideo is the right platform for you. With a range of logo reveler options, you can add a professional touch to your content and show off your logo in style.

Media first videos:

At times, you don’t want to use random videos but integrate media from your device. InVideo has a media first feature, which allows you to add original media and edit it to suit your needs.

Blank canvas:

Do you want to create video content from scratch? Don’t worry; InVideo has a feature for that too! With blank canvas, you can import media and take charge of the editing process.

Text-to-speech converter:

This feature enables you to add voice-overs to your videos that sound like professional voice-over artists. InVideo’s innovative text-to-speech feature will help you take your demo and informative videos to the next level.

Background music:

Background music is the most crucial aspect of a video, and InVideo understands that. You get an extensive database of royalty-free music that can enhance your next brand video.

Premium membership:

Premium memberships open you up to thousands of more templates and resources and a 15-minute video option.

InVideo pricing

InVideo offers three different subscription packages on a monthly and yearly basis:


The free package comes equipped with all the features you need to make compelling videos. Users can access 5000+ video templates, a vast media library spanning 3 million + images, automated text-to-speech, etc.


The business subscription has more advanced features like premium media, 10 iStock media per month, and access to Filmr Pro.


The unlimited plan is a flagship subscription that allows unlimited video exports and 120 iStock media per month. You can visit InVideo’s website to learn more about its subscription model.

Pros and cons

Like every software, InVideo has some good and some not-so-good features. Here are some observations on that.

The pros

  • Readymade video content on anything in a few clicks
  • Can create videos in any language
  • It can create videos in minutes
  • No high-end editing skills are necessary
  • Creates videos for all the popular social media formats
  • A huge library of royalty-free music at your disposal
  • Voice overs in multiple languages, accents, and tones
  • Appropriate videos to catch people’s attention

The cons

  • The preview function shows clips other than the used ones. However, once you download them, they are fully original.
  • Some voice-overs sound robotic.
  • Sometimes, the personal touch in videos can seem missing.
  • Despite the cons, InVideo takes prompt measures to improve its software and ever-evolving video editing tool.

In closing

In this digital marketing wave, video marketers benefit the most. With software like InVideo, video creation and video editing have never been simpler. You, too, can benefit from this.

All you need is a written script, InVideo’s basic subscription, and drive to put your product out there to get notified. So what are you waiting for? Join your video marketing journey with InVideo!

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