Face Filters Debut to Instagram Live Videos

Instagram is getting a new feature that will enable users add face filters to live videos through the Instagram mobile app.

Instagram Face Filters for Live Videos

The feature Instagram Face Filterswas introduced back in May, which allowed users to add visual effects to detected faces. The feature was though limited to the captured images and videos.

Credit: Techcrunch

You can now check out all the Instagram Face Filters available for live video. Alongside the upgrade, Instagram has introduced a new face filter that features sunglasses with lens reflections for which you can change the scenery with a tap.  This exclusive filter will be available for live streaming for the next week only. If you want to give it a try, do it now.

You can apply Instagram Face Filters either before you start streaming or during the broadcast by tapping the face icon in the bottom right corner of the Instagram live interface. The update is being rolled out now, but could take several weeks to finish off globally.

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