How To Search Your Old Tweets From Twitter History ?

How To Search Your Old Tweets From Twitter History ?

If any moment you open up with an idea to get into your older tweets and want to find which one made the buzz years ago, Twitter is offering you a way. Until recently, there was no way to explore your tweet history and find old posts. But a month ago, Twitter, the leading micro-blogging website offered a search update that helps you to do so. This is a fast and easy way to search your tweets on twitter.

How To Search Old Tweets In Twitter


You can use the latest Twitter advance search option to find old tweets through the tweet history. Just open up the search field and enter the twitter handles without @ sign that you want to search in the field labeled ‘from these accounts’.

The rest of the fields tell specify what you’re searching for and how specific you want to be. User can make their search queries more specific by adding a date range, hashtags, @ mentions and other information to the search fields.


You can also search tweets by location if you have enabled the feature in past, retweets and even specific types of tweets.  In this way you Search Your Old Tweets.


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