How to Limit Screen Time and Encourage Family Time

Does your child find it difficult to achieve a perfect balance between digital devices and family time?

Learn a few parenting tips about how to limit screen time and encourage family time. You can use parental control apps for keeping your child’s screen time in check.

How to Limit Screen Time?

How to Limit Screen Time

How screen time control will benefit your kid? Let’s find out.

Technology has exploded in the last 50 years. Screen time is becoming extremely difficult to regulate, ever since smartphones have replaced Television – the primary source of entertainment until a few years back.

The use of technology within family life has its conflicts. And the conflicts have only increased as the Internet, and social media are influencing every aspect of our life. Parents need to devise ways to prevent technologies from affecting their relationships with children.

Parenting tips to limit screen time and encourage family time

1)   Become a healthy role model for your kid

Robert Fulghum has shared perfect advice for parents, “Do not worry that children never listen to you, instead worry that they are always watching you.” Children are extremely good when it comes to imitating the elder’s behaviors!

If you ask them to do something, chances are – they will not do it. But if they watch you doing something, they would want to try it too. Try never to attend to your smartphone when your kids want to share something with you.

Show them that anything on your phone can wait as they are your first priority.

 2)   Keep up with the technology

Parents play a significant role in the process of educating their children. So, you need to learn about the latest technology first to successfully guide them.

Involve yourself in your child’s usage of technology and make an effort at the earliest possible to keep them safe online. After all, its parent’s responsibility of inculcating digital citizenship in their children. Make sure that cyber education is an integral part of your child’s education process.

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3)   Make a ‘device rule book’

Pick a convenient area, where you mostly spend more time together as a family and declare it as a ‘tech-free zone.’ Not allowing mobile phones during meals and in the bedrooms can help a lot to forge a secure family connection.

Try to implement rules about screen time on school days and holidays with rewards for cooperation and consequences for non-compliance.

You can denote a day in a week when you unplug from electronics completely and attend to urgent phone calls only. And make sure that limit screen time apply to everyone in the family.

4)   Invest in Parental Control apps

With parental control apps, you can save your teens from Internet hazards, such as cyberbullying, online predation. Because it allows you to monitor the apps they are using and also to block any app that you find inappropriate.

You can also have a screen time control over their devices as these apps let you restrict their app time and to plan a schedule for different apps. It also helps to have regular times for homework or practicing an instrument or bedtime.

5)   Talk to your kids about the need for screen time control

An open and honest conversation is the foundation of a healthy relationship. How would you feel if someone asks you not to use something that you like and don’t even give the reason behind it?

Same way, it would not help in the long run if you impose the rules on kids without giving proper justification. Kids are smart, explain to them why you are asking them to restrict their device usage. Also, tell them that even you would use it in moderation.

6)   Ask your child to share the passwords

To ensure your child’s safety, you need to monitor their social media accounts. Children are trusting; they might disclose their personal information with someone who might use it with malicious intention.

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For parents, the priority is the protection of teens, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to know their passwords to be aware of the people they get in touch with.

7)   Encourage them to participate in other activities

The consequences of failing to allow our children to play independently outside are perilous. Obesity is perhaps the most evident symptom of the lack of outdoor activities. Encourage them to earn screen time by helping out with routine chores at home.


Ask them to participate in different activities to determine what it is that they like the most, and then encourage them to spend more time mastering them.

Screen time control and regular involvement of kids in the concrete real-actions significantly cure the ones with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

You can also see the improvements in their learning ability, creativity, and mental, psychological, and emotional wellbeing.


By applying screen time limits correctly, you highly improve the environment of your family. It enhances life-skills in your children, such as problem-solving abilities, focus, and self-discipline. Socially, it develops cooperation, flexibility, and self-awareness.

Help your children to be smarter, better able to get along with others, healthier, and happier with the best screen time app – Bit Guardian Parental Control app.

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