Google Translate Gets 10 More Languages In The List

# Last Updated On: April 29, 2017 #

If you are frequent to Google translate for most of your multi-lingual translation needs, the tool is all set to give you more teeth. The tool added support for 10 more languages from Asia to Africa. These languages have made to the list with serious efforts from contributors from the translate community.

Now Google translate will allow translating text to and from the following list of languages:
•    Chichewa (from Malawi)
•    Malagasy (from Madagascar)
•    Sesotho (from Lesotho)
•    Malayalam (from India)
•    Myanmar (from Myanmar)
•    Sinhala (from Sri Lanka)
•    Sundanese (from Java in Indonesia)
•    Kazakh (from Kazakhstan)
•    Tajik (from Tajikistan)
•    Uzbek (from Uzbekistan)

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Google says that additional language support will enable 200 million more people to translate text to and from their native languages. The languages are now live on Google translate and users can use them now.

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