Google Spotted Testing Device Comparison in Search Results

Google, the search engine giant has been spotted testing a new feature in its search results which will allow users to directly compare specifications between two smartphones or other devices.

Google Tests Device Comparison in Search Results

The feature, which is being tested, was noticed by a group of users when they searched for devices with “vs” in the middle (eg. Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL). That surprisingly popped up a new comparison chart displaying the specifications of both the devices.

Device Comparison in Search Results


The feature offers an option which highlights differences between the two compared devices. Android police said that that the feature is currently being tested with select group of users.

The feature only works when two devices are compared. It doesn’t work in case you attempt to compare more than three devices. When user gets the search result on search page, he can tap on a blue button to expand the results to reveal a detailed comparison.

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Unfortunately, the feature is not visible on Google India’s search page but a broader roll out is soon expected here as well.

Besides comparison feature, Google has been appeared making noteworthy changes to its UX design. Now the search box on the Google homepage comes in rounded shape. Moreover, while typing a query, the predictive search suggestions below the search box reflect the new design.

With UI design already in place, you can see all the round cards in the search result page.

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