Google Rolls Out Upgrade To Adwords API : Adds Shopping Campaigns And Search Funnel


Google rolls out the latest version of the Google AdWords API, v201402, with a range of awesome features for the webmasters. Google Rolls Out Upgrade To Adwords API. In his blog posted on Google+, Google’s representative said:

“—#AdWords API users… I’m excited to announce that today’s API release exposes a host of new reports and report columns. Even more data is now available via the reporting API! This includes Search Funnels and Google Analytics fields in the existing reports as well as the Paid and Organic and BidGoalPerformance reports. Also, Call details report and call metric fields are now out of Beta and available to all users. — Following are the primary changes that Google introduced to Google Adwords API.

  • Shopping campaigns: Shopping campaign management is now available in the API.
  • Review, Application and Location extensions: Google extended its existing feed services to include new types of feeds. Users can now create Review extensions to append users’ feedback in your ads. An option to create Location extensions and App extensions via Feeds has also been added in the upgrade.
  • Search Network and Display Select:  Google adds new fields to create, get or modify this new type of campaign. A new Channel type field has also been added rationalize and simplify networks targeting.
  • New reports and report columns: It will make available Search Funnels and Google Analytics fields in the existing reports.  Call details report and call metric fields are now available to all users.
  • New targeting options:  The new upgrade to the API will allow webmasters to target by Places of Interest, Demographic Locations and Similar Audiences.
  • AWQL across all services: AdWords Query Language is now widely supported all API services available.
  • Flexible Conversion Tracking:  Now toggle programmatically between one-per-click and many-per-click. Reports have also been updated to contain this change.
  • Newly Introduced Beta features into the Public APIs: OpOfPageCpc and AdFormat fields, Feeds scheduling, Postal code targeting and campaign.
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This brand new update brings a set of innovative features that comprise shopping campaign support, Review, Application and Location extensions, Search Network, Display Select and many more.

Read the official release here:

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