Google Play To Show Sponsored Search Results To Push App Discovery

Google is now gearing up to boost its revenue stream via app store Google play. The search engine will now show up sponsored / paid search results when users search for apps in Google play. Google said it in its latest blog post. It will be very much like how we usually see sponsored ads in Google search- Labelled as ads along with the organic search results.

Google Play To Show Sponsored Search Results To Push App Discovery

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Michael Siliski, Product Management Director, Google Play said in the blog post:

“App discovery plays a critical role in driving your continued success, and over the past year Google has provided best practices to enhance app discovery and engagement, as well as app promotion tools to get the most out of search and display advertising for developers,”

As I have already mentioned, Google is setting up targets for more revenue through Google Play. The company is mulling to get something up to 30 percent for every app transaction.  The blog post stated that in 190 countries Google play has over a billion users on Android and Google alone paid out $7 billion to developers last year.

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The blog said further:

“We are always looking for new ways to help you get your apps in front of potential new users. That’s why, in the next few weeks, we will begin piloting sponsored search results on Google Play, bringing our unique expertise in search ads to the store.”

In the beginning, the feature will be available to a small number of users. That means a small number of users will start seeing ads from select advertisers in coming weeks. Google will plan the mass rollout of the feature only if the pilot project gets good response.

-Google Play To Show Sponsored Search Results

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