For Google Pixel 2’s Hissing Sound, Google Issues a Software Update

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

If you have been one among those Google Pixel 2 users who experienced a faint buzzing sound during phone calls, Google has a remedy in place to fix the glitch.

Google Pixel 2 Gets Software Update for Hissing Sound During Calls

A short post published in a community forum, reportedly by a Google official, says that they are rolling out a software update in the coming weeks which will fix the faint buzzing sound on some Google Pixel 2 devices. To recall, some Pixel 2 users have complained that they have heard an annoying hissing sound when the phone is placed to their ear during a phone call.

The company even replaced some erroneous handsets with the new one, but to no avail as the problem persisted. Google rolled out the fix shortly after the company issued a software update to fix the faint NFC-related clicking sounds some users complained about last month.

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Google launched its Google Pixel 2 phones in all its glory with rave reviews. But as time lapsed, users noticed glitches such as poor sound recording quality, unresponsive spots on the XL’s touchscreen, and some display issues in the phone.

Google Pixel 2 Gets Software Update

Source: the Verge

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