Google Is Working On A Keyboard App For Apple iOS


Technology giant Google is reportedly working on to develop a third-party keyboard app for iPhones. A story published in The Verge reports that the keyboard might be equipped with some additional features than what existing default iOs keyboard does have.

As per the reports appearing, the keyboard may have a gesture-based typing feature and a dedicated button for Google search. The keyboard might also enable users to search by images and GIFs.


The keyboard is under testing and has been circulated among Google’s employees for months. With the app, Google is probably hunting ways to drive additional traffic to Google search via iOS. This is however whether or not Google will release this keyboard app for the end users when finish testing.

Google isn’t the only company who has been testing a third-party keyboard app. Microsoft was also reportedly testing a similar WordFlow keyboard app back in January. With the launch of iOS 8, Apple introduced the third-party keyboards in App store, and keyboards such as Swype are available for purchase from the App Store.

Google Is Working On A Keyboard App

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