Free Online Logo Maker Tool: DesignEvo

If you want to get a well-designed logo for your business without spending bucks and much time, DesignEvo is a perfect fit for you. It is a free online logo maker with simple drag-and- drop system and streamlined interface which is extremely easy to use.

DesignEvo: Free Online Logo Maker Tool

Even if you don’t have any design expertise but can still create some beautiful yet professional logos in a matter of minutes.


DesignEvo has a super clean interface that feels very easy to use. Once enter its design page, you are presented with a quick guidance. Surely, if you don’t want to look at it, you can click any place to skip it.

Click the ICON button on the left sidebar to choose your logo graphic. DesignEvo provides a vast library of free stock images which are still growing, empowering you to search out millions of vector graphics by simply inputting a few keywords describing it.

Then click TEXT button to add your business name and slogan. You will be able to choose from a large selection of stylish fonts. Besides, you also have the ability to add some effects like outline or glow to your text.

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When you finish the logo, you can click Preview button on the top tool bar to see what your logo truly looks like in practical application. Once you’re satisfied with your logo, you can download it as a zip file consisting of 3 image formats. Apart from PGN and JPG image file, it also provides a transparent, high-resolution PNG image file, which enables you to place your logo on any other background.


  • It provides vertical and horizontal line to reference as you place components in the workspace.
  • Layout feature helps you easily typeset your logo.
  • Huge amount of stock images are entirely free to use.
  • No registration or download is needed.

Final Words

Compared with other logo makers, perhaps DesignEvo has fewer bells and whistles. But it will no doubt roll out new versions with more powerful features. Can’t wait to see its evolution.  All in all, it is worth a shot. Use DesignEvo to unleash your creativity!

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