Top 10 Font Finder Online to Discover Fonts and Shapes

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2021)

A font finder tool would analyze the image easily and carefully and search the repository for navigating the name of the font. Usually, when you design the webpage, the font would play a significant role in the visualization process. The tool should be creative for providing a strong initial impression navigating the usage of the user.

Rest assured that a font finder tool would be useful when you search for a font family. You may come across numerous alphabetical variations made available online. Before you wish to upload any image, consider optimizing it. To ensure you have the best font suitable to meet your needs, go through the below-mentioned font finder apps.

How to find a font online?

You may come across numerous great tools enabling you to search for your favorite app. You could find a suitable font family by using the following ways –

  • Using a font family image
  • Using QA tools
  • Using webpage URL where the font is placed
  • Using an extension for the browser
  • By asking in the TypeFace Community

List of Top Font Finder Online

If you have found a specific font on a website and cannot figure out the name of the actual font, this guide would help you find the Top 10 Font Finder Apps online.

1. WhatTheFont

If you were searching for the biggest repositories in the font family, consider looking for WhatTheFont. They would cater to you with numerous variations free of charge. Rest assured that this online tool has been deemed the best to find a font using an image.

The tool is popular for supporting both PNG and JPG formats. They would offer you a wide collection of fonts. They would spoil you for a choice of more than 133,000 font styles suitable for your specific needs. Finding your required font, simply capture the image and the tool would detect the font family automatically.

2. WhatFontIs

Font Finder

When looking for a font family online, consider searching online for a great tool to locate the best font family suitable for your specific needs. You could find the tool by uploading images or entering the URL for locating the font. The optimistic site would provide accurate results using deep analysis.

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In the event, the webpage has been using 5 font types; the tool would enlist all the font types. The app caters to you with a wide range of fonts, more than 550,000 fonts. These have been made available for you in the commercial category free of charge. After finding the font name, you could search for a free online version.

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3. WhatFontTool

You may wonder about the easiest mode to find the fonts used in a webpage. Rest assured that it should be just a click away. It would help you find the required font information about the text you were hovering on. It is a browser extension made available n Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari.

It uses the inspection element for navigating a font family along with finding the name, weight, styles, line height, color, and size. Click on the plugin and move to the text that you wish to choose on the webpage. Rest assured that the extension would display the desired results automatically.

4. Serif Font Identification Guide

If you were a professional graphic designer and have adequate knowledge about the font belonging to the serif family, rest assured that the tool could suit your needs in the best possible way. It has been based on serif fonts and caters to a detailed guide on what you were searching for online.

5. FontFace Ninja

For those looking forward to quickening the design process, consider looking for FontFace Ninja. You could gain access to more than 3000 popular fonts and try them on any design software instantly.

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The font app has been made available free of charge online. The tool caters to you with a direct connection for purchasing or downloading a font. You could try the font without purchasing it. The app caters to you with a chance to try any design software. You would have fun improving your design process.

6. Tiff

Font Finder

The tool is popular for contrasting the difference between two fonts. This great tool is a great font differentiator tool that enables you to narrow down two or more types of fonts on a single channel. The tool has been relatively helpful if you have stored the files on your computer.

7. TypeTester

At times, two or more font families would appear similar and you cannot distinguish the one that suits you right. You could use TypeTester for distinguishing three typefaces and narrowing them down to the one suitable to meet your needs. You could test and perform more than 2800 web fonts.

8. Identifont

Font Finder

The tool is slightly different from the other available font finder apps. It inquires you a couple of font-related questions and specifies three font types inclusive of comparable family conjunctions.

You could identify the fonts by asking questions about the key features. Find a font if you know all or some part of its name. Look for fonts that are similar to the specified font. Find a font comprising a specific picture symbol or picture. You could also find a font if you know a publisher or designer.

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9. Quora Typeface Identification

This famous font finder app would help you immensely. They would assist you if you require an answer related to the font family. Rest assured that the Quora Typeface identification has been the best font finder app suitable to meet your specific needs. With numerous designers made available on the platform, you could easily list the possible similarities in a font.

10. FontSpring Matcherator

Font Finder

It is yet another tool identifying a font family through a shared image or link. The tool would support features such as OpenType and tag refinement enabling you to narrow down the results in the least possible time.

Rest assured that the tool is a leading name in font curation and discovery. The app excels using several features and a powerful technology under the hood. It would enable you to match OpenType features. It also caters to you a tag refinement feature to help you gather the results for relatively hard-to-match fonts.


If you were wondering about finding a font in this technological era, rest assured it is relatively easy. You would come across numerous font finder tools to assist you in finding the best font finder app online.

The apps mentioned above could easily find any font family used on the webpage. Ensure that you go through these tools to find the best font finder app online suitable to meet your specific needs. These apps would help you navigate to the nest fond finder app meeting your requirements.

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