12 Best Font Generators to Find Your Favorite Font face

Here is the list of 12 best free online font generator tools that are useful for web designers and content creators. Read on and tell us comment box which one you prefer and why?

Fonts are one of the most important parts of a web site or a website design project. Fonts can make or break user experience. Marketers across the world are now taking typography and fonts on the website quite seriously.

There are several hundred of fonts available that are widely used on the websites for elevating its look and feel of the websites. Marketers have every reason to choose their favorite fonts.

Best Free Font Generators 2021

In this blog post I am listing some very popular resources that can be used to generate beautiful fonts in seconds.

1. Cool Text

This is another popular text font generator in the list. If you’re interested in creating fabulous logos effortlessly, cool text will be a great help. It’s easy to use even if you don’t have a technical acumen.

To generate a logo of your choice select the text style, fill in your text, select your colors, add a shadow effect and create your logo. Your logo is now ready for download as a png file. You can also fill a form to get the HTML code of your logo file.

2. Online Text Generator

If you’ve feelings for calligraphy fonts, you can bet on Online Text Generator. This cursive font generator will help you create custom fonts based on 13 calligraphy themes currently available with the tool.

You can create custom fonts based on themes such as 3D, bubble, gothic, graffiti, and cartoon text. You can even select different styles, image size and color of the font for the custom font you create.  Once you’re ready with the desired font, click “Create” and to embed the image with the HTML code.

3. Instagram Fonts

As name implies Instagram Fonts is an online cool font generator designed especially for Instagram. However, the font can also work well with WordPress website.  Using Instagram font generator all you have to type desired text into the input field.

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It automatically generates different typeface options. Once you find the font style that you really like you can copy and paste it into your Instagram profile.

4. Font Generator

Font Generator

This is quite popular font generator used by millennial. The tool lets you select your choice of font by selecting from a number of available categories like handwriting, gothic, and weird. These categories further comprise a varied range styles to choose from in your font.

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You just have to select and customize your font size, color, and its background color. Once you’re done with your font, you can download that as a PNG, JPG, or GIF file. s

5. Flaming Text

Like other apps from the list Flaming text lets you create text based logos and fonts. To do so you can select from an extensive array of templates. This fancy font generator lets creators choose from pre-designed variations with different colors, gradient effects, and background colors.

You can also customize it further to get a selection of your choice.  Once you’re done with your choice of font you can readily download this as a PNG file. You can also claim the file as html code.

6. GraffWriter

Graffwriter is a perfect choice if you want to create and use graffiti-style font in places. This font generator allows you to choose alphabets, images, effects, and concepts from its premium Graffiti Fonts collection that’s available for free. This is quite a handy tool that’s an ideal choice for creating customized artwork involving banners, buttons, logos and fliers etc.

7. Font Generator & Font Changer

If you’re looking for a font generator tool that can easily create fancy and creative fonts for social media profiles and messaging apps, this tool is a good choice. Just input your text and see a slew of amazing and stylish typefaces generated automatically for your persual.  Now all you have to do is to copy this style and paste it in your Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp profiles.

8. Prototypo

Font Generator

Prototypo is a tool that lets you unleash your innate creativity with the text. You can play with every text and character with this tool. USP of this tool is an easy to use user interface that lets you generate stylish and fancy fonts in real time.

You can effortlessly create your font library using this amazing tool. Like other tools we have listed here, Prototypo as well enables you create your own font and download them to use.

9. Glowtxt

Glowtxt is our first font generator in the list. It is a handy tool to generate attractive text as PNG or GIF files.  To create a text of your choice you have to select the size and style from the drop down menu.

In case you want to add an animation or glow effect change the glow background color.  Now download the final text. Note that text without glow effect or animation will be available as a PNG file, whereas with glow effects you can download text in GIF format.

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10. Font Meme

Font Generator

This is our second fancy font generator in the list. It’s free to use and helps in creating eye catching typeface and text. It’s premium font and will be available to use only when you purchase the font and upload on Font Meme.

Font Meme offers a vast range of free font collection as well. To use it, just select a font, a color and effect and hit “Generate.”  You can embed this generated custom font using an auto-generated HTML snippet or direct image link.

11. Stylish Text Generator

Stylish is an ideal font generator tool that you can use to change the characters within a word or phrase.  The tool has a feature called Text Effects that you can use to add special characters, symbols, and other language characters in your desired text.

Another feature Text Decorations lets users add characters around the text. Once you have done with the choices just click “Generate”. Now you are ready with a fancy font that you can use in style onto your blog / website, social media platform, or messaging apps.

12. Glyphter

Font Generator

In this list of stylish cool font generators Glyphter is the next one. This is pretty unique among all as it provides up to 88 icons in the icon fonts. The tool lets you create artistic logos and stylish text designs for your specific needs.

As you approach the website you can see a character grid on its left-hand side and an icon shelf on the right. The website has a search tab above it. To create a font just drag and drop the icons into the boxes on the grid and your font is ready to use.

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