Facebook To Launch Featured Video Section For Business Pages Soon

In a bid to give YouTube a tough competition, Facebook is testing a featured video section that will be embedded in business pages.  Facebook slowly has become a great place for users to explore amazing and innovative videos. However, Facebook failed to provide a dedicated interface for the videos to play. That’s why video lovers chose YouTube for the purpose.

Lately, Facebook realized the miss and if Techcrunch reports are to be believed, the largest social network is now testing ‘featured video’ section with certain business pages. The section will show a selected video as featured video feed in a highlighted frame. It will also contain a live comment feed where users can input their views about the video.

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The newly proposed video interface will show in list format with Like and view counts directly visible, in addition to length and title. Pages will also be able to set up playlists for related content. This is however too early to comment that Facebook is taking up YouTube head-on, fact remains that it will be a big competition to video streaming platform YouTube.

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